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Un Known PCB FOR 812

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    I've done a lot of research and believe this is a s812 device. Here is a link to the detailed specs -->

    This second link is to the forum that I am using to attempt to get this INL3D Ultra4 device up to a min of Android 5.0

    If it helps, the TWRP build for mii (see near top of above link) works great on this box.

    Found another source for a 5.1.1 build. It sounds promising as it specifically mentions n200c:

    Right now I am thinking about trying the stock based 5.0 ROM from xda-developers & then upgrade to the customer one. But the forum says to make sure that your device is s812 first. Any thoughts?

    Well Father's Day is nearly here so I have left this too long. Will do my best attempt at this tonight. If anyone has any advice as to the best 5.x ROM & how to get there, then I would greatly appreciate it. There seem to be a ton of variations of this box out there so I am worried about messing things up with the wrong ROM. But at least I mangaed to get a full TWRP backup so I should be able to recover under most circumstances.

    Found this forum post which got us up and running on Android 5.1.1.
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