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New To Qbox, Overall Satisfied, But Having A Few Annoying Issues

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  • New To Qbox, Overall Satisfied, But Having A Few Annoying Issues

    I have just recently purchased an put into use a new QBox (Kekilo Q Box Android 6.0 Marshmallow Q-Box Amlogic S905X Quad Core 2G 16G Dual WIFI 2.4G/5G 4K H.265 with Bluetooth 4.0 Streaming Media Player). Overall, I am quite satisfied in comparison to the model it's replacing. But I have a few annoyances, and I am hoping someone is able to help me ...

    The home screen looks like the new Windows Theme. Is this part of the Android Marshmallow 6 OS? Or what is? I'm not sure what all the jargon is, but is this a "launcher?"

    1) On the Screen, there is a button selection for "Browser". It opens the default android browser. Is there any way that I can change that so that Firefox is opened instead? I've researched changing the default browser for Android 6 devices, but my interface does not have all the necessary settings access. (ie default applications settings)

    2) If I hide the lower menu bar, it is impossible for me to recover it without resetting the QBox. I use a Logitech Wireless Touck Keyboard K400 as my media box controller (works awesome from my couch, has all the android box functions keyed), but have tried the remote and a corded USB mouse and none of them recover the lower menu bar by holding the left button and dragging up from the bottom (left, right or centre) of the screen. So annoying as it can be a valuable toolbar (especially to switch open apps), but annoying when having to be exposed all the time. Am I missing something?

    3) The top menu bar has an icon to display Android notifications. Clicking on them simply flashes them and then quickly re-minimizes it. It never stays open enough to read them all, or click on them.Anyone else experience a similar problem, or is this unique to me and perhaps my controller?

    4) The home screen has buttons for video and music that when clicked open up a menu of user select apps. Is it possible to create a similar button for games? A central spot for accessing my installed Android games?

    5) I have two buttons at the top of my home screen. [New York] and [Query]. What are these? They seem redundant.

    Grateful for all those that have taken the time to read this with an interest in helping.


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    Hi MaxArk68 ,

    the Windows Style must be the Launcher u need a PlayStore Account (GooglePlayApp looks like a white Bag with a coloured Triangle inside)) or an App like Aptoide to download Launcher and other Apps like

    Fullscreen (to hide Navigationbar)(maybe fully deativated in build.prop on your Device) to your Device.Then you can install Firefox too.

    Nr.5 has maybe something to do with a Weather App in this case it shows NY Weather ???

    For Nr.4 you can use a Gamelauncher / booster App from Store.

    For Nr.3 do you mean the Pulldown Menu from Statusbar ???

    I hope it helps a little bit , but if you are a Android Newbie ??? you can always ask for help here !!! and use Google.

    have a nice Day



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      Thanks gefattern, your help is appreciated.

      u need a PlayStore Account
      Yes, I have one of those and Playstore is an app already installed. I have installed several downloads, including Firefox, from there. Just now looking for a way to associate it the Browser button on the home page.

      he Windows Style must be the Launcher
      Am I stuck with that launcher? Or can I replace it with another?

      has maybe something to do with a Weather App in this case it shows NY Weather
      I'll have to look around a bit more. I didn't see any weather apps and the buttons I mentioned don't pull up any menus or configuration options. I either need to figure out how to configure it for my needs, or get rid of it. Could it be part of the launcher?

      do you mean the Pulldown Menu from Statusbar
      It's very hard to describe. Maybe I can grab a screenshot.


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        Hi MaxArk68 ,

        if u have a Playstore Account you can download a new Launcher , search for Launcher in Play Store and choose one u want download and install ,choose as first Launcher to start.

        Maybe it is a part of the Launcher a Screenshot would be nice.Maybe in Settings you can find Sreenshot Options.

        In have the same Model of QBox but only with a S905 and LP 5.1 OS.I think this is a new Model with MM 6.0 OS.

        have a nice Day and report



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          Hi again,
          Yes, this is the latest Kekilo (no website, no support) branded QBox purchased from Amazon with MM 6.0.
          From reading the reviews, I am not the only one experiencing these annoyances, and are in most part related in most part to a custom made, on configurable launcher. There are no settings for this launcher. It would appear that the unit can't be used with a (this) launcher as you are unable to simply use the basic Android interface.

          I would like to replace(if i can) the launcher with the hope of eliminating these annoyances. I don't know how to get rid of this one, and I would prefer to be able to back this up in case removing it renders the QBox non functional. Then, I have to try and find an appealing launcher to replace it.


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            Hi MaxArK68 ,

            you only have to go to the Playstore and search for Launcher or TV Box Launcher and install one , small hint try the Ugoos TV Launcher easy and simple to use for a TvBox.

            If you want Tabletstyle use Nova,Apex or GoogleNow Launcher.

            Dont give up and customise your Rom.

            Do you have Root ????

            Maybe it is possible to flash the QBox Rom from Dev. Superceleron to your Device ??? It is a nice and fast Rom.You can ask here if it works , but it is only LP5.1.


            please Report your Results

            nice Day



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              Thanks once again for your support.

              I did replace the preloaded launcher with another and am enjoying the customization flexibility a lot. Made this box even more enjoyable. However, I still do have the nagging issue of the lower taskbar once hidden, being unable to recover it. No about of swipe ups from the bottom work. Only unplugging the box will bring it back only to be unrecoverable again after it's hidden.

              With apprehension, I contacted the manufacturer (?) Kekilo. I was super surprised when they actually offered support to the problem!!! They narrowed the issue down to outdated firmware and sent me a link to download an updated version. Having never flashed firmware on a box before, I requested support on how to do it. This time, their support was lacking, and the lack of instructions may had led to me bricking my QBox. Augh!!! It no longer boots up.

              I have started another thread here seeking assistance for my newest and most critical challenge.


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                Hi MaxArk68 ,

                flashing a Qbox is simple if you have a PC , if you are not sure always ask twice , here . Many users from here can guide you through the process of flashing .

                Do you know how to do it or do you still need help ??? Please answer .

                good luck



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                  Hi gefattern ...

                  Yup. Still need lots of help!



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                    hi guys
                    I'm a newbie with android TV boxes so excuse me for lame questions. I replaced an Asus oplay with a qbox S905 Kodi preinstalled. have a projector as a display. I would like the qbox to act as a "smart device" for the following tasks

                    1) I want to play music over the qbox controller by my droid smartphone . The media can be a) on the phone storage b) on the qbox storage c) somewhere on the net - soundcloud, youtube, etc
                    is it possible to play music over BT with these devices for example? this would be a convienent way.

                    2) I want to control online and offline videos from my smartphone/PC on the qbox. Example: my kid wants to watch movies on youtube or from local qbox storage but can't handle the remote as he is only 3 years old. So I would like to chooes a cartoon for her on my phone. This is exactly what I'm doing on a smart TV at my parents.

                    3) want to share content from my phone on the qbox. Example: want to show my pictures on my smartphone to the family on the projector. This can be done on a smartTV either.

                    are these possible with qbox s905 ?