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LibreELEC & OpenELEC for Tronsmart Vega S95

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  • Originally posted by Daaave View Post
    Hi there

    Thanks so much for the great LibreELEC builds, I'd be lost without it.

    I have a couple of problems I was hoping someone could help me with. I have Tronsmart Vega S95 Telos box.

    I have never been able to get the Telos to go to Recovery mode, either on Stock Android, OpenELEC or LibreELEC builds. This means I can't get recent builds onto the box.

    The Toothpick method works ok for USB Burning Tool so I can always go to Stock, then upgrade using Android app to 8.00, then upgrade using TAR to 8.01. If I try any higher versions using TAR it bricks.

    Would anyone know how I can sort out my recovery, or if there are any files more recent than 8.00?

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help

    1. Restore the stock Android firmware.
    2. Record the new LE image. Be sure to add the correct file "dtb.img" in the root of the FAT partition of the carrier.
    3. Use the toothpick method with the new LE image.


    • Thanks very much for the reply, I'll give it another try.