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[ROM] Beelink MX3 II / Mini M8S II Stock & Nano Nexus ROMs

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    im not android TV fan...


    • Magendanz
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      There will, of course, be Nano and Stock variants on Nougat too. (In fact, if you rummage around that OneDrive public share, you might find a pre-release.)

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    I guess we can't flash the following rom to our M8S II since it's for M8S Pro, right ? [ROM] Mecool M8S PRO+ TVStock Nexus ROM (Android TV 7.1)

    edit: forget it, i've just read that our board are p212, so it's a no go for now.


    • Magendanz
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      Correct, but I've got pre-release Nougat builds for p212 available, if you're interested in beta testing.

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    Great work Magendanz!

    Can you or anyone else tell me a way to enable the lockscreen/keyguard? I can set lock type and set a pin under settings/security, set the display to time out earlier but I'm never challenged by lockscreen/keyguard. I can encrypt the storage successfully (which most other roms don't seem to be capable of doing) and find that if a pin is set there's an option to have keyguard appear at boot that works, but I'll never be challenged by lockscreen/keyguard once the system's booted.

    Having multiuser is great, but a bit pointless without a proper lockscreen/keyguard challenge as users can be switched without authentication. If I use the restricted profile option under TV settings, I can set a pin and get a new icon to switch between profiles that prompts for the pin correctly. However there's 2 problems with this. Firstly the device will boot into whatever profile was last in use and won't present lockscreen/kleyguard challenge if it was the unrestricted profile. Secondly the restricted profile can bypass the pin challenge presented by the new profile switching icon, by using the user options under settings which can't be hidden.

    I'd really really appreciate some help on this and willing to work on it to make this happen.

    I've tried build.prop options, any Xposed modules that might be able to manipulate it's appearance, poking around the file system and reading init.rc scripts etc, 3rd party lock screens, etc, etc.


    • Magendanz
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      This is an interesting question, one that I just haven't had the bandwidth to consider. My guess is that there's a config setting in the framework that would address this. These are mostly documented here: It someone can determine what setting needs to change, I'll update it in the ROMs.
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    Hi! Thanks a lot for the rom!

    I have just one issue, I cannot cast from google chrome tab (the device does not appears on the list) but I can cast from any app that has chromecast icon. Is that a known issue? Do you know if I still need to setup anything else?

    Thanks a lot for the effort and keep the good work


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      Hi Magendanz,

      Thank you for the reply.

      This line in the framework config references the keyguard service which should be present in systemui. That peaked my interest because somewhere between the exposed modules and 3rd party lockscreens I've tried, I've caught logcat entries that say the keyguard service doesn't exist.

      <!-- Keyguard component -->
      <string name="config_keyguardComponent" translatable="false"></string>

      The keyguard service is here.

      It would be interesting to know if amlogic's framework-res includes that reference in its config, and whether the java file for the service is present under systemui. I have to be really honest and say that I'm a novice tinkerer. I've never decompiled an apk but there are many guides so I can give this a shot. Or perhaps (preferably) you have all of this decompiled already?

      Thank you


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        Yes, Amlogic's framework-res includes this config_keyguardComponent string, and the service is implemented in its SystemUI.apk. However, there are two settings in the SystemUI,apk resources (/value/bools.xml) that seem to disable it.

        <bool name="config_enableKeyguardService">false</bool>
        <bool name="config_keyguardUserSwitcher">false</bool>

        Anyone want to try a private drop of SystemUI.apk that sets these to true?