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Firmware: Android 7.1 stock Android 7.1 ATV for Amlogic 905x, TWRP, ROOT

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    hi evryone

    some one have tested this room on m8s II ???

    i searsh rome 7 for m8s II if someone know one working in tx


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      hello cocolopez need you CAN BE FIXED REPLACING THE SYSTEMUI.APK (I will upload a tutorial soon) , need your tutorial , to show a navigation bar and task bar
      the all tvbox new model remove it , is big problem to all users.

      try an try apps , and instaling xposed , and not working the navigation bar and task bar

      your is a mi unique solution


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        Originally posted by cocolopez View Post
        I dont have my t95X any cant bring news to this thread....sorry

        For a95x users, there is a bug in reset button. (I cant fix it, in my t95x reset button works as it should....)

        Android Nougat stock and Android Nougat TV for 905x with TWRP and ROOT (tested on t95x 2/8gb)

        Well...I just flash Android 7.1.1 from U2+ device in my T95x 2 gb of ram and 8 gb of rom with the wifi chip realteck 8189.

        About 2017-07-30 firmware:

        I just flash it...and now I see the NEXUS logo and google when the system start I see that now we have a full stock android 7.1.1 TV firmware working great for me. So if you want android 7.1.1 on your T95x flash the 2017-05-10 firmware.....but if you want to see Stock Android TV 7.1.1 flash the new firmware.
        I just try to download netflix and the android tv version cant connect to my account...but I just install the phone version and works.

        What I did:

        -Download the NEW ANDROID TV firmware 2017-07-30 (old firmware 2017-05-10, older firmware 2017-04-18)
        -Extract the file and open de USB burning tool (2.0.8).
        -Load the img in the USB burning tool and press start.
        -If you see a MAC=0 error, you need the licenses and put it in the license folder.
        -Now plug the usb in the pc and and the other end to the T95X.
        -Using a toothpick or something press and hold the reboot button in the A/V and conect the power cable to the t95x.
        -Wait and when the USB buring tool say it ok...push stop and remove the device.
        -Enjoy Android 7.1.1

        Install TWRP:

        -Download this recovery img and put it in the root of the sdcard.
        -Now with the device off, push and hold the reset button and power on.
        -Wait for the amlogix logo to go off and you can release the reset button.
        -You will se twrp its on.
        -If you want you can install it in the internal memory, using the same twrp img file.
        -Go ti install, choose install image...and select the recovery.img file.
        -Select RECOVERY.
        -Swipe the button and wait for the installation to end.
        -Now you dont need the recovery file in the root of the sdcard.

        To root:

        -Download last file and pu it in the sdcard.
        -Restar to twrp using the reset button metod.
        -Go to install and select the supersu zip.
        -Swipe the button and wait to de installation to end.
        -Reboot and enjoy

        What is working for me:

        -Wifi and Ethernet
        -Remote control.(works but not like android 6)
        -A/V video
        -Otg and normal Usb.
        -TWRP (3.1.1-0)

        -Everything works great.

        Whats not working:
        -Status bar and navbar arnot showing....thats the original firmware fault....I will try to make something about that. CAN BE FIXED REPLACING THE SYSTEMUI.APK (I will upload a tutorial soon)
        -Some apps in Google Store says that the device its not compatible with the app version...I guess when I canif I change the build.prop device nameto some other device maybe more apps are compatible. FIXED IN NEW FIRMWARE


        I have T95X with RTL8723 wifi Chip. Rom is cool but does not haev the wifi drivers. How I could add wifi drivers to this rom?


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          Does anyone know if this rom supports Bluetooth? I'm answering myself R/ I gave it a try and no It doesnt (this happens when you have no idea what hardware comes with your TVBOX) I have the Sunvell T95m device, why? it was extremely cheap
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            Originally posted by tht View Post

            I have it working with a M9C Max S905X Box with the S9082X Wifi chip set, It wasn't that hard first thing is you need the 9082xs.ko and a compatible
            , I pulled the one I am using from the TX8-TANIX-20170815 Beta and put them in place with MiXplorer it sets the permissions when you copy these 2 files to the /system/lib/ directory.

            After you reboot wifi should be working.
            i have it working on a mc9pro 1 gig 8 gig box has a tx3 pro sticker on main board i used the rom you suggested to get my wifi working. Thanks you are the man!! Now i cannot get my remote to work i was wondering did you? if so please tell me or post correct remote.cfg I also cannot get root working any ideas thanks in advance Patrick

            Edit: Nevermind found a faster cooling running android 7.1.2 rom root works remote works. works perfect no modding whats so ever on my m9c pro 4k aka tx3 pro
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              No wifi, sadly on my t95m SoC S905X.
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                My box is a TX3mini with a S905W quad-core and 2GB/16GB.

                First and most importantly, thank you for developing this great ROM.
                It works perfectly win this box with the same exceptions noted above: "boot" displayed on the LED instead of time and no Bluetooth.

                Am very interested if anyone develops an add-on to resolve these two issues.
                Thanks again!


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                  Thanks for your suggestion.
                  After reviewing the video, it appears way beyond my basic Android skills.

                  I'll just have to wait until some guru develops a new ROM version/image.