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[ROM] P212 1GB Android TV ROM (stripped for speed) - S905X MXQ Pro, T95X, Others

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    [ROM] P212 1GB Android TV ROM (stripped for speed) - S905X MXQ Pro, T95X, Others

    P212 1GB Android TV ROM (stripped for speed) - S905X MXQ Pro, T95X, Others

    I had built this a few months ago and had forgotten about it, uploading it to share now.

    This is a Marshmallow based Android TV ROM for P212 variants with 1GB RAM. SInce most if not all of the S905X ATV Roms here are for 2GB+ variants, don't flash or work on 1GB, and the odd ones that are working with 1GB variants are painfully slow.

    This rom is stripped to the basics for speed. Android TV does not run well on 1GB, it also does not run well with 1GB and laden down with junk as well as the load of Google bits - contacts/calendar storage, backup, Play Services, Search (velvet/katniss) Play Store etc etc. All Google services (except Play Services for a specific reason) and service hooks have been stripped out along with unnecessary junk. No having to deal with the slow Play Store or Play Store downloads breaking over time as either Store or Play Services get updated.

    If you want a fast non-hassle Android TV experience on your 1GB S905X P212 box, this is your ROM - use Aptoide TV and/or sideloading ATV apps to load what you need. If you cant stand to be without the Play store and love Gmail and calculators and a lot of other stuff on your TV box that has nothing to do with watching TV, this is not your ROM.

    For those familiar with the stripped ATV rom I made for 1GB RK3229 boxes, this is similar.

    NOTE NOTE NOTE - IMPORTANT DO THIS FIRST AFTER FLASHING - Due to how I stripped this ROM of fat, you will initially get Play Services errors, go to Settings, Apps, and disable Google Play Services. Play Services is there in case of those apps that check for its presence. It does not need to be enabled but it does need to be there. Disable it so you dont get constant error messages and also to help save memory and speed up your user experience.

    I used this ROM on two different version P212-based S905X MXQ Pro boxes, as well as Sunvell T95X's, all with 1GB. Probably will work on other P212 1GB devices but no promises.

    Video acceleration works
    HDMI CEC support
    Pre-rooted, if I remember correctly
    YouTube ATV 1.3.x installed for speed vs slow/buggy 2.x

    ROM is an IMG, flash with Amlogic Burning Tool or Android Tool.

    Anyone want to improve this ROM and/or use the same stripping rationale to make a good Nougat 7.1 version Android TV ROM for 1GB P212 devices, feel free.

    Enjoy. Download HERE!wT4xHaRb!5ZXSieTuE...imAGIbj-r5Krz8

    Hey PaulieP,

    Thanks for sharing, will definitely give it a try on my Tanix3mini, as same P212. Any experience if it will work?



      Tried your rom and I have to say that it works great. I was wondering if the video resolution outputs real 4k or if its upscaled from 720p or 1080p?


        Brightness level is too low in your rom but extremely fast. How to increase brightness level in your rom?


          thanks, super fast ROM. appreciate your efforts, using it now.


            Hi @PaulieP and other users of this rom.

            Just flashed this on my x96 (s905x) thank you for bringing Android TV experience. Are you still working on this rom ? THanks again good job

            edit: Responsive rom, will report back my finding... with diffrent hardware, video codec's etc.

            Could not get 4K x265 HEVC working, allthough sound plays the image stays black using KODI 17.6, will test 4K x 264 later. Also voice Search did work one time but couldnt get it working since .... Fast and stable rom ... only the 4K playback is missing. Great Job
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              Getting set up on a T95X that was painfully slow, just one question. Whats this appinstaller that doesn't have the menu option? I really miss the batch install feature


                When the system's boot, my T95X 1GB/8GB shows the Amlogic S905X logo, then (in the part that should show the android loading screen) it shows a green/pink screen, and freezes on that.

                Some guys on the internet says that it's a HDMI problem, but I'm using the same cable in the same two TVs that works on stock firmware.

                So, anyone knows how to fix it?


                  i just recived a nexbox A95x-b7n box 1/8gb(its supposed to have s905x cpu but i can varify this) will this rom work on the box.

                  the rom it came with the box is too slow


                    it worked really great. how to remove the error"unfortunately google play services has stopped

                    also, the remote does not work anymore. how to fix this


                      Hi Paulie, your rom is the best I've ever used for a 1gb/8gb S905X box, this is a truly awesome job, thanks for the effort!

                      Id like to do the same for my other box, an Nexbox A95X 2gb/16GB with android 7.1.2. Would you kindly post the list of modifications you did on this rom?

                      I'll try and do the same to the nexbox 2/16gb 7.1.2 .img.

                      If it works I'll upload here and share with the community.

                      Thanks again for the awesome job.


                        thank you very much for the rom, it's great on t95x.
                        I just want to know if you disabled the home button on purpose and if it's possible to enable it as it makes life alot easier. I even replaced remote.conf with the original file, but home button still not working.

                        Minor question: sometimes when playing a video from the browser and i try to make it full screen, the screen becomes green. after restart it works normally for a while.


                          можно эту прошивку установить на mini m8s ll ?


                            I am gonna try this one out tonight, the "universal rom 7.1.2. her on freaktab" is to slow for my 1gb 905x. Really excited to try out this rom


                              Originally posted by wimmetje View Post
                              I am gonna try this one out tonight, the "universal rom 7.1.2. her on freaktab" is to slow for my 1gb 905x. Really excited to try out this rom
                              Wow nice work, very fast and responsive, the only thing is that my remote doesn't work. But that is a easy fix for later on.
                              I am gonna test it a bit more this evening.