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    Would somebody recommend to me one of those boxes (both 3/32G) and the only difference in the specification is the RAM DDR3 vs DDR4, H96 Pro (DDR3) cheaper than S10 (DDR4), so is it worth to pay more to get DDR4?
    Thanks in advance


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      Khadas VIM2:


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        Hi all, i need a download Link for

        ClockworkMod IMG for TWRP and APK File to install for Root Device S912 amlogic
        Yoka Box KB2 Pro 3GB 32GB.

        Maybe someone has the origina firmware 6.0.1
        20170303.101119.V0923 but as an IMG file, I already have the zip OTA, I would like the IMG file.


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          The specs for the Vorke Z1 and the Alfawise H96 Pro+ sure look the same. Can anyone confirm?

          If they are the same, owners ought to post to the same sub-forum (a different one is indicated for each brand).

          What is a dtd? Is this related to the Device Tree?

          The OP suggests using dtd information to confirm matches. It would be great to get everyone with a box to submit the information. Are there easy ways to collect it? And to submit it?

          I guess FCC IDs (if any) would be useful too.


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            Is that the best way to get DTDs?


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              you want us to post the output from the dtb file, yes?
              this is from zoomtak upro 3/32 DDR4 android 6.0.1
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                Originally posted by scooter2014 View Post
                Just. Quick note who cares stock.... Most devices can use Super Celerons Firmmare you have to check ddr3 or ddr4 and check wifi. Stock is back up in case you brick. But most devices so similar that should flash. The plus is most things fixed in his. Unless you have odd ball wifi like the km8p everything should work better then anything stock would offer.
                i have a zoomtak upro 6.0.1 3/32 ddr 4. which superceleron rom fits? my device tree is posted in this thread. I am now gun shy and nervous about flashing after killing my other box.