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X92 TV Box S912, Android 6, 3/16GB, Dual WiFi, Gig Lan

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  • Originally posted by samiblm View Post
    Hey guys, I have just bricked my device while trying to install "X92-MK22Plus-Android-7.1.2-01.09.2017-MOD-051117-6." using sd-card. Now my device doesnt turn on AT ALL, only the blue X92 that lights up !!
    I'm trying to unbrick it using USB Burning tool, but I cant find a working stock android link with .img format !! either 6 or 7 .(even in 4PDA forum). So I tried with the MK22PLUS img itself, but the progress never passes 4%, and then I hear the usb disconnection sound, is it because it's not stock android or I need some usb drivers to be installed ??

    So can someone please provide an .img stock android link ?? And also help me out find if I'm doing something wrong .. as this is my first time using such tools !?
    I did a lot of reading but things don't always go as described !!
    Please I'm relying in you ..

    edit : my box is a 3/32 and before brick I was on android 6 latest official update I think .
    It's your cable


    • Originally posted by Ndongo View Post

      It's your cable
      Thank you for your reply, however I managed to find links to stock A7 just a few pages back ( yea I started reading from the beginning of the thread but finishing all 41 pages was exhausting so I jumped a few ones xD ) ..
      Anyway, I also changed my male2male usb cable and tried all the A7 I could found, obviously the MK22 is the most stable of them all, with only a very few bug that are not deal breakers at all !!
      Now I'm gonna try the latest modded version found also a few pages back and see what good it brings .. (!bYEylAwS!p9LQy-C5P...RrRpGqf-lNraPI )

      Thanks for everyone who posted here in this thread, there is many priceless information !!


      • Hi I recently update my x92 3GB box with Poison Rom from XDA everything is working very nice and very fast except front LCD clock and etc. If someone know how to install drivers or something for it . I read all pages here I found a custom kernel but it`s seems this not compatible with android 7. when I boot this kernel from sd card, front panel is working but android does not start.
        I`m on android 7.1.2 Poison ROM v4.1

        Thank you in advance.
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