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T95U Pro: Boot loop after repacking boot.img

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  • T95U Pro: Boot loop after repacking boot.img

    Hi everyone, I think I'm looking for an answer from a couple specific people but as a complete noob. I'll post here and claim ignorance on my mistake.
    I'll make a note here that I flashed superceleron's SC-FINAL-V1-T95-K-U-PRO.img. That was my first hurdle, I don't want him to think I'm just looking to steal his work, I'm just making an attempt at figuring out these devices.
    I'm jumping face first into some ROM baking with years of experience flashing android roms but I never got into tearing them apart. I have pulled the image files from the device using
    dd if=<appropriate /dev/block> of=target.img
    I unpacked boot.img with
    unmkbootimg boot.img
    Kernel size 7420799
    Kernel address 0x1080000
    Ramdisk size 914810
    Ramdisk address 0x1000000
    Secondary size 41699
    Secondary address 0xf00000
    Kernel tags address 0x100
    Flash page size 2048
    Board name is ""
    Command line ""
    *** WARNING ****
    This image is built using NON-standard mkbootimg!
    OFF_KERNEL_ADDR is 0x01080000
    Please modify mkbootimg.c using the above values to build your image.
    Extracting kernel to file zImage ...
    Extracting root filesystem to file initramfs.cpio.gz ...
    Extracting second to file second.gz ...
    All done.
    To recompile this image, use:
     mkbootimg --kernel zImage --ramdisk initramfs.cpio.gz --base 0x0 -o new_boot.img
    Without even changing anything in the ramdisk I tried to put this back together using:
    mkbootimg --kernel zImage --kernel_offset 0x01080000 --ramdisk initramfs.cpio.gz --base 0x0 -o new_boot.img
    Copied the new image to the sdcard and flashed using TWRP 3.0.2-0 (Abdul)

    Reboot the device and I made it the farthest this time and it showed the boot animation but just looped there for a while.

    I think it has something to do with the offset but my lack of experience is busting my balls at the moment.

    Thanks for checking this out. If you think there's a resource I would benefit from reading than lay it on me.


    For anyone interested I ended up figuring it out finally.

    Since I was using a NTFS partition to store everything while going back and forth from windows to linux. When I unpacked the ramdisk it was unable to create a couple symlinks which obviously wouldn't exist after I repacked it.

    Another note was to use 'abootimg' vs the other myriad of tools and scripts I found online. Unbeknownst to myself there is a stage2 that's also needed from the boot.img which contains the device tree.

    Time to play!
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