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H96 Pro + HDMI Signal Problem

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  • H96 Pro + HDMI Signal Problem

    My H96 Pro + lost the signal from the HDMI cable, and even the remote control doesn't do anything, and the only way is to unplug the power cable and replug it, then the box logo show up for few second and then disappear, and no signal again, I googled the problem and found many have it but no solution, please help.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Try a good power supply of 5 volt 3 amp. and it should solve your problem, because power supply of that boxes is very low grade that failed any time.


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      Thanks maxim33, today I check few electronic stores around our area and none of them have 3 amp, I will try again tomorrow and if I didn't find, I will order online, but the problem is that the head size might not be the correct size, then I have to find an adapter.
      BTW, some people speaking about changing the software would also solve the problem is this correct?