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H96 pro plus, with 2 hidden usb ports

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  • H96 pro plus, with 2 hidden usb ports

    Picked up a new H96 Pro Plus and found 2 hidden but working USB ports, after a few minutes with a dremel, I have 4 working USB ports!

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    Nice find.
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      very nice my friend


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        Yes, I saw what you did... I'd done the same with my dremel when I first found this out a while back. While you have your dremel out, I recommend you create new vent holes on Top of Box. CPU gets mighty HOT and this crazy case has no vents on the top of case, Only vents on the bottom - I know, Right? Heat Rises and their only vents are on the bottom of the case.

        Some people have created vents and covered their large holes with metal screens. Some have used fans instead of screens.

        I recommend either of these.

        Between missing USB port holes and the non existent vents on the top, I feel this case wasn't finished before shipping..or poorly designed.


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          Smack, where did you get your h96 pro plus? mine is bricked and hoping to get the one
          ​​​with 4usb and not the one with two :-)