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mecool km8 p update to 7.1.2 not working

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  • mecool km8 p update to 7.1.2 not working

    Hello all,

    flashing android 6.01 i can, but any version of 7.1.2 is just not working. I use the usb flash method. The box originally came with 7.1.2, but it got stuck, since then only 6.0.1 is working. I get, if i'm lucky, a flash of the second logo, then image is turned black and can only see the mouse cursor when i move it. Specs: 1gb/8gb mecool km8 p mediabox. Though in android 6.0.1 neither 4k nor hdr is working.

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    it was more easy then i thought. First installed 6.0.1. Booted it up and inserted sd card. Then formatted sd card as portable. Then put km8 p 7.1.2 ota fles on sdcard. Insert it again in mediabox. Go to android update and choose zip file from sd card and let it update. So now again, finally, 7.1.2 on the mediabox.


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      Are you using this firmware?


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        am using original km8 p firmware. How do you install that firmware?
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          Ok, i've found a working img from another brand q201. The Vorke z6. Flashed it and it booted. Now everything seems to be working, but the lan. When i go to system info page, settings and about box, network info, it says thee macc address of the wifi, but for lan it isn't mentioned. The systtem does report when i insert a cable, when a cable is connected. DHCP doesn't work, neither manual inputting the addresses. How to get the lan port back in function?

          The Vorke z6 rom, compatible with km8 p 1gb 8gb(recovery neither lan working):!ApsAD6QmyMvBhmVgFVFWtIZtFb7y
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