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H96 Pro Plus V6 Blue PCB firmware options

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    H96 Pro Plus V6 Blue PCB firmware options

    Since I have had issues with various custom and the original factory firmware, I had been downloading a few various firmwares released by box sellers. I started with Gearbest and China gadget review, and both were a bust. I found one that has a boot screen having a S912 logo with a tiger face embossed, before popping up with MBOX animation screen. My original firmware had the script H92 logo before the MBOX animation screen. Seems that the new replacement is smoother and issue free with phone apps. No bugs that I can find. Just had to do a factory reset when booting into recovery after flashing. The odd thing about this firmware is the video app is called XGO not kodi or kdmc. Can't remember what the file name Is, since I had renamed them all and numbered them to first try out, while going from smallest size to larger.

    Hope this helps peeps who are wanting a stable and effective firmware.

    As a note, one thing that is a must for me, is some TV apps will detect HDMI connections with stock or custom firmware. This one does not trip the dual display protection notice on most of the phone TV apps that look for HDMI display connections.

    With Android TV firmware being flaky with this v6 box, this is the only firmware I can recommend which was released earlier this year.

    Ha! I am running the latest TV apps on this latest phone android build. Whaaahoo!

    Though, TV Launcher may need to be loaded for some to show up properly.


      OK, after a day of testing with this new firmware, the only issue is a couple of Android TV apps that will not run as well as before on a custom Android TV firmware.

      PLUTO which is always buggy no matter how you slice it, and only runs proper on pure Android TV. The other is TVPlayer. Which for some reason will not authenticate, though the phone version works fine authenticating.

      It may be due to my super heavy duty ad blocking setup, and may have to test with the box stripped down on ad blocking, to allow ad servers. Will monitor the connections before and after to make a list and individually find which server is required on the Android TV version.

      Though, all network Android TV apps seem to function just fine on this non Android TV firmware. ESPN and NBC require TV launcher since they fail to show up in the apps drawer on stock phone launchers.

      Have not tested any other TV apps outside of subscription networks (Charter, Xfinity, Verizon... ect), as any other services like Amazon, netFelix and Lulu seem to be either redundant, or not of any interest to my viewing habits, as i prefer network programming both UK and USA to watch live or have additional content and features, like downloads, that no other services can provide to subribers.


        OK, found NBC Android TV app fails with a FC on this firmware. PLUTO wants to uninstall, prolly cuz it detects phone settings, even though both Android TV settings and Phone settings are part of this build. TVPlayer is fine, the issue was my keyboard entry when logging In. History Channel still requires Wifi, but don't like it anyway, so usage doesn't necessitate it being installed. Sky still requires using Hide Root app to operate. RootCloak is unable to hide root from Sky.

        One issue I will try to correct, is STV Player with playback failing. Have a recent update to apply. It may correct the issue. Will go back to ethernet for connex just to verify STV is un effected by data connection type.

        Currently using DPI set at 270 in build.prop, with minimum width set at 680 in developer options. Set Accessibility screen option to small and font size to small. This gives a proper prospective of formatting with launcher and apps. Found STV player does not like operating in Android TV DPI specs. All other apps seem to be OK with Android TV DPI.

        Added my Galaxy Tab app called Peel Smart Remote. It is made in landscape mode and is pretty cool. It too needs Wifi as a connection, so I setup in xposed to mask ethernet as WIFI. NO More need to use Wifi on my 1 gig direct connection to my media server router. Set it and forget it, sorta thing.

        too bad android tv NBC and Pluto have issues with my box, but I figure no loss anyway as TVPlayer and All4 combined does better in the long run for free services.
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          After more testing, I found 280 dpi in build.prop allows the best compatibility between phone and android tv. When minimum width indeveloper options is set to 270, and font size and screen are set to small in accessibility, then rebooted, the alignments between home and app drawer are even. The screen size in accessibility now should show custom at 240. Which is equal to the oem standard for this box.

          Found the latest NBC app has good functionality similar to ATV. So no need to bother with ATV version of NBC.

          STV app has been corrected in latest update. Mostly due to my exposed modules and settings.

          No longer having to rely on WIFI for connectivity, all apps now function over ethernet.

          Had to update two system apps that were outdated, as they were for Marshmallow. Which was better than most other oem firmwares of 4 or more that need updated. Still the CTS developer apps were loaded, and a few testing apps as well.

          Pluto ATV is the only other app that fails to run. So i would think about 10% of all the ATV apps may not work, but a good number of them will do just fine on this stock firmware.

          Will start on build.prop editing... The stock build.prop is cleaned up from past build.props shared on most boxes. I have my Mini M8S Pro-C build.prop to transfer the system portion over to this one. The upper device section of the build.prop is mandatory to keep, else you intend to brick your box.


            I did a few things, and found 6 system apps to update, even though they are Google related. Nothing major to the system It's self, outside of framework, which was one of the first system apps I updated, before searching further.

            Updated the factory build.prop as it was limited on system memory management. Though it did have a better setting than other oem build.props, just missing one of the components required for a complete configuration. Now the system runs smoother.

            Realised my hack to allow ethernet to be seen as WIFI for apps that are WIFI only, will also allow WIFI to be enabled and functioning without disconnecting ethernet cable. Now I can switch connections on the fly by disabling or enabling WiFi, to allow games and multiple streams full duplex when needed.

            Set my final display settings to 300 dpi, with minimum width set at 665. Realised anything different to make the accessibility display size default below 224 dpi will make my solid explorer single column on both panes, instead of double row lists in landscape mode with dual pane.

            Also I found a new oem setting for proper landscape mode to stick in all apps, without using force_landscape.

            Another setting in build.prop enables dts enhanced, while all other factory or custom builds have it disabled for some reason, in the build.prop. Has no effect with pass through, as I do get HBO Go DTS pass through with no problems.

            Not sure but it may be the fix on some firmwares... i updated configuration updater to 7.1.2 and realised power on from sleep seems to be 100% reliable. Could also be a missed setting that i set after clearing cache at one time. Like I said before a number of system apps needed updated, since they were pushed over from android 6.0.1, which doesn't make sense to me, but many firmwares have been setup that way.


              I found that CvbsOutput was my issue with blanking the display when playing video with streaming apps. Only was effecting 2, but now that is done, now only SBS On Demand FC during startup, and Netflix failing initial test are my problem children. Pluto, Terrarium, and Amazon Prime Video are just fine.