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Dead after 2 months...

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  • Dead after 2 months...

    Today my W95 has dead after 2 months of flawless use. The screen has began flickering (1080p material), then appeared a green, sometimes red (depends on picture content) copy of the screen. The failure has increased, a few minutes later covered the whole screen with green and red dots. The system temperature was 83°C at this time... When i realized this, i turned off the player immediately. I turned the unit on again after it had cool down. The symtoms were the same. After this i opened the W95, and realized an error, that was made during assembly the unit. The CPU's "heatsink" did not reach the CPU's top (maybe it did sometime, beacause were some thermal paste on the heatsink, but it did not, when i opened the W95). I replaced the heatsink for a normal one, but it seems it was too late, the failure is persist.
    So if you see high system temperature (75°C or above), take a look at the heatsink, before it's too late...

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    Hello, Just curious, have you tried a different HDMI cable?
    Khadas VIM(S905X), Beelink R68 II(S912), GOLE1(Intel Z8300), NEXBOX T10(Intel Z8300), Ugoos UT3(RK3288) and UT3+(RK3288), R-Box(RK3229-2GB/8GB), Tronsmart S95 Meta(AMLS905), Inphic i7(S905), UBOX(AMLS805), Q7(RK3188T)


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      Hi! Yes, i did. I tried it on an other HDMI input either. The file is playable on other devices without problems.


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        What... ? File ?