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Here coming the new beelink logo !

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  • Here coming the new beelink logo !

    Hello everyone,
    Here coming the new Beelink Logo!

    Our Beelink logo is updating with the development of AZW technology CO. LTD. . From now on , our new trademark will be applied to our products, packing boxes, instructions and publicity image to the outside. How wonderful! Let me introduce the meaning of "BEELINK" to you .

    "BEE" is named after the bee , a kind of insect in nature .

    Company symbolism :

    Firstly, hard-working spirit : The bees go out to work forward the morning dew and come home in the evening glow, which is not only devoted but also professional, they gather honey from thousands of flowers whether it rains or shines .

    Secondly, teamwork spirit : The bees have a streamlined internal agency where each performs its own functions, works with high efficiency, civilized and orderly, unique teamwork spirit. Those cute guys will gather their friends and fellows to pollinate flowers and collect honey once someone finds flowers. However, bee swarms will also be crowded on enemies in danger, they take efforts to conquer the unfriendly man with their own wisdom and power .

    Thirdly, dedicated spirit : Bees feed on the wind and dew, who pollinating flowers and collecting honey, regarding suffering as happiness. They are willing to sacrifice themselves, without consideration of personal gain. On the other hand, bee swarms attack people with the bee-sting in danger, without hesitation.

    Fourthly, pragmatic spirit : Bees treat the flowers as their friends and partners, they pick flowers seriously which can produce good honey. In the meantime, bees make the tree is covered with blooms, show good pragmatic spirit .

    Fifthly, self-discipline spirit : Bees are always protecting their beehives from dirty things, which keeps clean like an angel.

    "LINK" stands for the connection and transmission

    In information Times, the internet makes our life more and more colorful and interesting. We wish we were bees who collects honey from thousands of flowers. You know, Only by hardworking and creativity can we make amazing products and bring people an easier lifestyle !

    The icon design symbolism :
    The icon is named after the tail of bees, which looks like a signal and launcher. It shows our broad-minded and updating spirit.

    Therefore, you can never put too much admiration on the lovely angels ![IMG]file:///C:/APP/918976762/Image/C2C/%24%7B%7BBG4AD_LE0)EM%60%25G2D0AW.gif[/IMG][IMG]file:///C:/APP/918976762/Image/C2C/%24%7B%7BBG4AD_LE0)EM%60%25G2D0AW.gif[/IMG][IMG]file:///C:/APP/918976762/Image/C2C/%24%7B%7BBG4AD_LE0)EM%60%25G2D0AW.gif[/IMG]
    Looking forward the new Beelink logo !

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    In addition, I would like to see a new Beelink mail server that allows responses, instead of mails getting ignored.

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