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box for nexflix 4k

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    box for nexflix 4k


    I need some helo choosing a box for nexflix 4k is not only for nexflix4k but also that

    what i see i it need:

    widevine L1
    hdcp 2.2
    android TV OS

    so the forumuler z7+ will not work because it runs Android OS and not Andoid TV

    I read that exists so mood version of app but thats it complicated if netflix keeps updating te app

    what i want the box:

    for netflix
    iptv with pvr

    Can anyone help me choose one?

    Hmm.. A mod made a sticky post about 4k Netflix and what units would be capable of this
    But.. Where is it?

    anyway.. Search
    Xiaomi box, wetek , nvidia shield TV , chrome ultra

    or see:

    And yes.. Netflix updating is a issue
    (Consumer's bought a smart TV 2015 with Netflix 4k.. But in 2017 the app stopped working.. in my country..consumer group is sueing the tv maker)

    As most android tv boxes have No netflix licence.. the are forced to run older app versions or modded versions

    Also.. the list of 4k content..on netflix is abit low..



      yes i saw all that .
      I think about xiaomi or wetek play 2 because xiaomi wont have rj45 but i could buy a rj45 usb adapter however i also want to record ome iptv is that possible