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Sleep mode problem - 3G+32G - A706D0SB

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  • Sleep mode problem - 3G+32G - A706D0SB


    I have a GT1 Ultimate 3G+32G

    I already try on 2 new devices and each time, same problem.

    Serial number start with A706D0SB....

    When I go in sleep mode (or screen off, I think it's the same that depend on firmware). The box enter in sleep mode, but some random time after entering in sleep mode, I think the box shutting down (no more light on the front or on the back). I can't wake up the device with remote, mouse or keyboard.

    The only way to "wake up" the box is unplug/plug the power cable.

    I try multiple firmwares and it's the same problem all the time. I don't know what to do...

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    I think the sleep mode problem is fixed with that firmware from beelink =>

    It's the only firmware who detect 3gb of ram too.