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GT1 708D0 ultimate/3G+32G A......D0 (AP6255)

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    GT1 708D0 ultimate/3G+32G A......D0 (AP6255)

    Current version : GT1_708D0_AP6255
    Based version : GT1_707D0_AP6255
    Android Version: 7.1.2
    Fits for : ultimate / 3G+32G A......D0.......(AP6255) ,for example : " A706D0SBH70001 32G " there is only one wifi chip for D0 , it's AP6255 .

    USB burning tool :

    1) ... fee834014e0a0c900b8 (2.0.5)

    2) ... ed0a5d0d45a2b893657 (2.0.9)

    USB zip : UTRaJ

    SD card zip :

    Updating tutorial :

    1. (USB)
    2. (SD card )

    Improvement :
    1. The system has been improved already .
    2. You can see a new Bee Fiiles manager .
    3. Rgb has been added to this firmware .
    4. You can get into the recover mode by pressing the reset button .
    5. You can get the permissions for unroot firmware now .
    6. The problem that the pictures are enlarged randomly has been solved .
    7. You can get into the landscape mode freely .
    8. The shut down popup has been removed for popular demands .
    9. The SuperSu can't be installed for safe use .
    10.We updated the FOTA apk for you .
    11.The thrid - party apps can get the read permessions now .
    12.The output frame rate can be compatible with the video samples now .

    Pay attention to :

    1. A912/AX12-----AP6255 G912/S912-----QCA9377 A706D0SBH70001 32G---------D0 AP6255

    2. You need to use the firmware which starts from the 70X D0 since a new barcode has been use to the GT1 , i will post it in the next thread . just like this series number shows :

    " GT1 3G+32G D0 version : A706D0SBH70001 32G "

    You may cause the blue screen / pink screen problems if you get something wrong , so you can as me for help if meet some problems about it .

    3.Some links before the 707 NO have been deleted to avoid the updating errors , you can turn me for help if it's necessary .
    4.You can only update the firmware from system 6.0 (301MO/101MO.......) to system 7.0 (701NO......)by USB updating , on the other hand , you can update the firmware from system 6.0 (301MO......)to system 6.0 (312MO,313MO) by SD card or USB updating .
    5.Standard edition (2G+16G/2G+32G) : before ( system 6.0 ) <101 MO ( system 6.0 ) < ......113 MO ( system 6.0 ) < ...... updating (system 6.0)

    Ultimate edition ( 3G+32G ) :
    before ( system 6.0 ) <301MO ( system6.0 ) < ......313MO ( system6.0 ) < ...... updating (system 6.0)

    Standard edition / ultimate edition :
    701 NO ( system 7.1 ) < 702 NO ( system 7.1 ) < ...... updating (system 7.1 )

    "Improvement :
    1. The system has been improved already ."

    Please post your h/w & s/w as signature to help community with troubleshooting problems.
    Mk802IV / AP6210 (RK3188) - SMIC717394 809III 1080p 4.4 (v2) base & default kernel w/ 4gb parameter.
    uTechsmart (Asix AX88772 chip) USB Ethernet Adapter
    iLuv iAD517 2.1A USB PS + Asus AD83531 2.0A USB PS
    Motorola 89451N BT KB + Logitech K400r 2.4GHz KB


      With all firmwares I note a poor overall performance as regular usage is very laggy with constants momentanious freezings.
      The hardware has lots of potential and it’s a shame that the box behaves like this, which clearly indicates firmware optimization issues.
      Hope you can address this and make usage more smooth and without constant lags and bugs


        Any plans to update the box to Oreo?



          I updated.

          But in Android setting,no option for 4Kx2K 60hz,only 1080P and downwards.
          I'm using a 1080P TV with HDMI V1.4 as I'm planning to buy a new 4K TV.

          My question isoes the firmware has 4K option if I have a 4K TV with V2.0a,or V2.0b HDMI port with their cables accordingly?
          Is it that the firmware detects my FULL HD port that auto hides 4K setting option?
          Why there is no 1080P 120HZ support? S912's limit?