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[ROM] Beelink GT1 Ultimate SCV2-ATV (Android TV) (DDR4)

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  • @SC in this rom when i load FTMC and then come out of it and then load any game i get graphic glitches i.e. black flashing lines and then the (H96 pro + DDR4) crashes. Thats only bug i found.

    If i run three games it works perfectly.

    ipega joypad works perfectly as well with this rom
    Megabox with MVcastplayer would crash the box as well.

    ipega pad works well in dead trigger and skyforce but doesn't work in beach buggy because it picks up the remote control as a joypad.


    • Originally posted by cherrro View Post
      I installed SCV1-ATV for AP6255 by sdcard, now I want to update to SVC2 but there is no IMG file.
      Is there any way to update with SVC2 OTA without usb cable?
      Can someone help me please ?
      Do you have have a solution superceleron?


      • Originally posted by superceleron View Post

        well if you read the page just before this one is there what you need, its very simple!
        i cant be writing the same all the time!

        1º install SCV1 IMG by usb burning tool(PC) and let it boot
        2º after boot dont do nothing and only long press the power button on the remote it should bring up a menu and in there choose reboot to recovery!
        3º on the TWRP recovey(you need a mouse) do a factory reset (wipe section)
        4º after that add the sdcard or a usbstick (recommend this one) they need to be formatted as FAT32, add the zip of OTA SCV2 (DONT UNPACK IT) and insert it to the box and mount it in "mount" section, usb stick is usb-otg
        5º go to "install" section and choose the SCV2 ota zip (DONT UNPACK IT) and flash it and in the end reboot!
        6º wait.... on final boot, choose "setup".

        And this is the last time i explain this!

        here you go


        • Originally posted by Kingmarth View Post

          here you go
          Thank you kingmart!
          i'm new in this forum and I have my beelink only since some days.
          Just a last question :
          This procedure will update only or erase everything.
          Thank you


          • Any news on A7 ATV


            • Originally posted by dragon138 View Post
              Any news on A7 ATV
              Nope If you see post it updated then there news.
              Many devices now mk902ii/Shield/Mk68 /Ugoos/neox5/minix5 (yes they still work lol) mk80 no it doesnt work lol.


              • Hi to all is there app to check what WiFi chip I have in my device or I can find it from the numbers of the serial number?
                Thanks in advance.

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                • Trying to install SCV1-ATV-GT1 Ultimate with burn card maker. When I boot up my gt1 i get stuck on upgrading. Anyone can let know how to setup burn card maker setting, i'm using version 2.0.3 Thank You
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                  • I buy this box like 3 days a go but i cant find any whare the navagation bar i have the latest version of android in this box gt1 ultimate someone khows why they remove that?


                    • Hi guys

                      R-TV Box S10;since a long time its been in my mind and willing to buy then but reading some of reviews than I'v cancelled!
                      Than I bought "Beeling GT1 Ultimate"(3Gb DDR4/32Gb)

                      But its so disappointed!!! just loose money and time! do not buy this unit ever!

                      I'v already returned! to my vendor and expecting Mecool BB2 Pro,but I'm confused as it is right choice!

                      GT1;video(picture quality) "bad" yes its bad! I'm saying its just worst!(read users reviews)

                      color correction/gradient/sharpness/col.repro. etc., BAD! if you are looking best PQ do not buy this unit ever!

                      Settings menu;"LightHome" do not work and get freeze!!!(if you did "Font size" and "Display size" sets!!) seems that there is a S/W bug here
                      I tried several times and got this issue! meanwhile if the box freeze than never released! so you have to do "Factory reset"!!! WTF

                      Also lot of freezes too!! especially in KODI work! also playing videos(from ext.HDD)

                      "fastforward"-"rewind" do not work too;or it works but picture gone(you return your panels empty screen) I'v never see this issue my previous boxes
                      which was 11 or 12 boxes I used!

                      Device main menu GUI so simple even BAD!
                      no KODI pre-installed!!!
                      no Face/Skype/Netflix/Twitter even Youtube! or ShowBox etc., all of them;you should install it
                      Device "rooted"!

                      so I do not like it at all and sent back


                      I need BOX immy guys
                      I use my Bluray player for my ext.HDD to watch my films/clips etc.,now and again! picture quality way way way better than any of TV BOX as well!

                      "AMLogic 912" is not proper for video quality! therefore I'v never tried 905! is it better than 912? I'm not sure guys

                      Therefore I hv to return to RC3399 chipsets???? so whats your opinions is it worth/right? so those AML912 not for me

                      Meanwhile I'v also tried VLC/MX/SPMC over Kodi's player but all of them did not satisfy me!

                      I always miss my Bluray players picture quality too lol



                      • Good day
                        i bought GT1 ultimate two weeks ago but I hv some problems with play store and kodi crash
                        I would like to try android tv rom by superceleron (many thanks), but I'm not sure that I can
                        Is it compatible with last AX12 version? Thanks bye


                        • Is any new update planned?

                          For some weeks, I can not get out of Kodi with the button off. He stays there for a long time and does not close Kodi. I have to give the home button on the remote. Any solution?

                          Thank you so much for the splendid ROM


                          • Originally posted by ojerez View Post
                            Is any new update planned?

                            For some weeks, I can not get out of Kodi with the button off. He stays there for a long time and does not close Kodi. I have to give the home button on the remote. Any solution?

                            Thank you so much for the splendid ROM
                            well that is not a rom problem, but some addon problem or 2 many addons!!
                            And no update is planed at all.. well at least not A6.. only A7 but that is a brand new rom!


                            • Hello Everyone,
                              I'm new here and i have this android box.
                              I just realized that i have flashed de AP6255 version when i should go with the 9377.
                              How can i revert this? or flash the other?
                              I have flashed the AP6255 a while ago and don't remember how i did it, can you guys give me a hand here please?
                              Thank you


                              • scooter2014
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                                Download and reflash the right one is all.

                            • scooter2014 honestly i don't remember how i got there. but i think i downloaded the zi file, entered in recovery mode and did install zip.
                              is this correct?


                              • scooter2014
                                scooter2014 commented
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                                Nope go to first post download 9277 firmware and flash via burning tool. (Very detailed post I suggest you spend few minutes and actually read it. Good luck.