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Beelink GT1 Box with 706D0 and MX Player

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  • Beelink GT1 Box with 706D0 and MX Player

    I use ACE Stream and MX Player decode by software and after it has been playing video for more than 30 minutes the video starts to get slow and in the end it can not do anything with the box because it stops responding and I have to disconnect it from the electrical network.

    The same thing does not happen to me with another Beelink GT1 box that I have the 707N0 version.

    The problem happens with MX Player decode by Software in that box.
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    overheating? Try cooling using fan (install a cputemp app )
    Perhaps adaptor not giving enough power ? (due to heat or just not giving enough amp )

    Just wondering why sw decoding?



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      The box starts to give problems being at a temperature of 70° Celsius and no matter the type of decoding used in MX Player (SW, HW, HW+) the same thing always happens, it stops responding that I have to disconnect it from the electrical network, if use another video player does not give this problem, and MX player has worked on all boxes with 707N0, I have 2 Box with 707N0.

      Update from 706D0 to 707D0 and problem continues
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        The use of the cpu goes above 80% and that makes the box does not respond, with my others 2 boxes I do not have this problem


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          I divided the screen into 2 and on one side I started playing the video and on the other I used AIDA64 and with that I could see that the CPU went from 20% to 80% quickly and the box stopped responding


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            I just bought the Bqeel X9T Pro box with Android 7.1 and 3G DDR3 / 32GB EMMC and it is working for me without any problem and is configured the same as the Beelink GT1 Ultimate.

            I'm going to wait for them to send some update that fixes the GT1 Ultimate, for while I'm using the new box that I bought.


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              Problem with MX Player was fixed wtih ROM 708D0