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[GUIDE] Install magisk and pass safetynet (protected apps fix) for GT1_701N0/702N0

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  • [GUIDE] Install magisk and pass safetynet (protected apps fix) for GT1_701N0/702N0

    Hi all,
    For two days I tried to pass successfully safetynet and make my pay per view app (timvision) working on GT1.
    Since the new firmware GT1_702N0 has selinux enabled in permissive we can pass safetynet with magisk. But we have a problem: no TWRP are compatible with the new bootloader, I solved the problem without twrp and successfully passed safetynet on our tv box.
    This is what I have done:

    To make Safetynet work you must download:
    - Magisk, latest version.(13.3)
    - "Universal Safetynet Fix", latest beta version (beta 4)

    - busybox by YashdSaraf (ARM bin installer)
    - HDMI Virtyal Switch (apk)

    1) You need to flash via burning tool the new N firmware.
    2) Install Busybox by meefik from the Play Store.
    3) Open the app and uninstall busybox.
    4) Download the official magisk and extract the magisk manager app.
    5) Install the extracted magisk manager app.
    6) Open the magisk manager and select, in boot image path, "/dev/block/boot". Then click "Donwload and install". Reboot manually (after it asks to reboot).
    7) Use a root manager, go in /system/sbin and delete all except "dexlist".
    8) Install "Universal Safetynet fix" module on magisk. Reboot.
    9) Now you should pass safetynet and have Magisk.
    Obviously you have to activate MagiskHide from Magisk Manager Settings!

    For some apps, like timvision, you need to modify the build.prop. You need change value "" to ""
    (I think it is a needless thing, the module "Universal Safetynet fix" has this, but if without that change the app doesn't work I reccomend to do it)

    Other apps, like now tv, need to virtually turn off the hdmi connection. Install HDMI Virtual Switch and use it.

    If you need, like me, the busybox you can install the busybox by YashdSaraf using the bin installer. To keep alive safetynet you need simply to download the Busybox-installer-arm.bin and put it in the root of the sdcard.
    Then, with a terminal emulator:
    sh /sdcard/Busybox-installer-arm.bin --selinux=y
    (you can also use the zip arm zip installer instead of the bin from recovery)

    After that you pass no longer safetynet, don't worry... You need only to flash again magisk v.13.3 as a module in magisk manager and after the reboot you'll pass again safetynet.

    Hope I helped somebody.
    Sorry for my poor english...

    Thanks to Magendanz we can use the Twrp but magisk zip can't find our boot partition so you need to modify the zip for make it works on our TV box... You need still to remove busybox on your own so I'll not modify the zip because the steps are the same and it is better, in my opinion, do all from the app... If I get some time I could modify magisk to do all the steps alone from recovery... I'm studying so you'll need to wait for that...
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    Thanks, I will give a try. I need to get TV app tatasky working.


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      Originally posted by bjyjhn View Post
      Thanks, I will give a try. I need to get TV app tatasky working.
      You're welcome.
      I updated the guide, if you have trouble write here.