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G-Box RK2918 (2 USB Ports) Rooting (read & write)

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    Originally posted by Paincake View Post
    It's not really a tablet but after talking to Bob I'll post an thread here.
    I'm having one of these chinese android tv set top boxes.(white case with grey top and two USB ports). It is working quite well but a full root would be nice. I asked Bob if he could do it like he did it on other tablets and he answered that it seems to be possible.

    (Pictures of the Board)

    (some information about the device)

    I got it partly root by inserting su and superuser.apk in my rom but a r/w root would be really nice.
    I'm now in flash mode and waiting for Bobs instructions.

    To get there with your box do the following:

    1. Shut down box and unplug power cord
    2. insert male to male Usb cable in box and computer
    3. keep the reset switch (some hole near the power cord in the back) pushed by a needle and insert power cord while keeping the needle pushed.
    4. Wait a few seconds until pc finds a new device
    5. Select and install the correct drivers for your windows version (you can find them in rk batch tool 1.4 for example)
    6. Enjoy flash mode

    If that doesn't work try all the steps again a few times.
    I had a broken reset switch and had to bridge the two connection points inside the box near the power switch on the mainboard instead of pushing the button. Maybe this works for you.

    At last: Be sure you're having the right box. The firmware is not compatible even if your box looks nearly similar.
    Finally thank you Bob for working on this.
    I'm ready for new instructions now.

    Greetings Paincake
    Hi old thread 'n 1st post
    Sorry to drag this up, found it by searching for these RK2918 boxes.
    Recently after much success with a couple of other tv boxes I bought a similar one to this of fleabay.
    And trust me, it really really is crap. But cheap
    Would be easy to list whats right with it. (the led on the front works )

    Maybe Im cruel. But it takes ten mins to boot, wont keep res settings, and crashes what seems every third mouse click.
    Anyway, wondered if there was any possibility of trying the rom package that was made for this chap.
    Although the one I have is the 3 usb Intempo evolve , well it was cheap.
    I wont expect much from it, just handy to plug into my kitchen tv and occasional app.


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      Originally posted by slayer7 View Post
      cant download files

      hi i can not download these files keeps on saying this message below even though i am 100% logged in and have cleared my browser of cookies etc
      ??? cheers

      Freaktab videos are only available to registered and logged-in users of
      You can Register or Login to our forum to access our video server and our videos
      Hi, I'm having the same problem. Ineed this ROM to unbrick my TV BoX. Thanks!


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        Originally posted by Finless View Post
        Here is my V1.2 ROM

        Here is the new ROM:

        ROM -> G-Box TV Player - Finless ROM V1.2 full root and EXT3 (105 megs)

        Let me know how it goes,
        Maybe you have this firmware file left.
        Now the link is not available.