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    Originally posted by adrenalize View Post
    Hover your mouse over the "Vendor_0408_Product_3000.txt" at the top of the instructions.
    Remember in step 11 to use /system/usr/idc or one of the other paths given a few posts later.
    Thanks, adrenalize. This board does attachments differently than other boards I am on (no highlight on the link), so I appreciate the tip.

    LOL...BadBone posted just as I was posting. Good stuff, BadBone. I have this Planar touchscreen and an MK802III that I'm going to try and get this to work on.

    One question: you (or someone else) mentioned the circle on the screen. I get the circle, but can't move it. Does that affect my chances of getting this to work? Thanks.


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      Hmm, hope you got it working - I'm not familiar with the Planar touch monitors. Sounds like it thinks it has a touchscreen attached as it is giving the circle, but odd it doesn't move.


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        hello, I tried connecting my 7in capacitive lilliput touchscreen to the stock rom and it would see the touchs, but it wouldnt unclick when i removed my finger. So if i touch the top left side of the screen and let go then touched the bottom right, it would think i dragged my finger the entire way, and it just keeps doing that until i unplug the usb. would doing this method you spoke of fix an error like that? thank you so much for your help.


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          This almost works perfectly for my Acer T232HL touch screen and the Minix Neo X5 running Jelly Bean.
          After getting the idc file "correct", I can now touch, drag, click, etc. as long as I use FIVE fingers.
          Nothing happens if I use 1-4 fingers.

          Any idea why I have to use 5 fingers? and any way to fix it?

          If I center my 5 fingers around things I can click them and everything works, but it is really hard to hit small items!


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            I think the Acer T232HL is a new breed of touchscreen with 10 point multitouch for Windows 8. I guess it works a bit different to the older T231HL which are only 2 point optical touchscreens like most a few years old.

            Maybe they need slightly different drivers?


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              You are right. It is a new 10 point system. I wonder where I can get the source code and tweak the driver?
              Originally posted by adrenalize View Post
              I think the Acer T232HL is a new breed of touchscreen with 10 point multitouch for Windows 8. I guess it works a bit different to the older T231HL which are only 2 point optical touchscreens like most a few years old.Maybe they need slightly different drivers?


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                lilliput 669GL 7" monitor

                Hi i have a lilliput 669GL 7" monitor

                When i plug in the Monitor USB and run Terminal Emulator -> "lsusb" i get the last USB as
                Bus 002 Device 006: ID 0eef:0001
                So is the Vendor_0eef_Product_0001.idc


                For any HELP
                TV Stick:MK808


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                  Did anyone manage to get dell st2220t monitor to work with android mini pc. Actually inhave the same monitor and want it to work with minix neo x5, please help


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                    Multi Touch panel usb works on Androidx86 on a standard pc, partially on MK808B

                    Hello Everybody!

                    I am trying to get support of my megapad multitouch panel with the stick MK808B. (it would be used as an interactive baby table 22" led LG)

                    I have tried all kind of ROM's with several different Kernel's, without any improviment in the full enable multitouch support of my led panel. At the moment I am using the Finless ROM 1.7c which appears to be the smooth and the most indicate for me.

                    Strange or not, using the Androidx86 version in a normal pc connected to the usb touchpanel, it does recognise the multitouch and it works perfectly (android-x86-4.2-20130228

                    but when the usb multitouch is going to be connected to the Stick MK808B and having tried any sorta of available ROM, the only thing working is the "pressing touch spot" without any sorta of movement/navigation across the screen at all..

                    with lsusb I have got it:

                    input: HID 8883:0001 as /devices/platform/usb20_otg/usb1/1-1/1-1:1.0?input/input3

                    generic-usb 0003.8883:0001.0003 Input: usb HID v.1.11 mouse on usb-usb20_otg-1/input0

                    mfr=0 product=0 serial number=0 can't set config#1, error -108

                    id vendor= 8883 id product=0001

                    I have tried with my "poor beginner knoledge skills" to modify under IDC creating instructions for the 8883:0001, adding some *.ko files..... doing that I lost even the poor ability of the touching..

                    My little point of view, I believe into the Andoridx86 Kernel there are instructions which definatly will make the multitouch works on the MK808B Kernel.. I think, it is just an idea that The problem seems to be caused by incorrect initialization of the touch events somewhere on the low level (in the kernel or the touch panel driver?)

                    anyone with a similar problem, suggest, idea or a miracle solution.....?


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                      Re: Touchscreen

                      Did you set the read and write rights for the file in the idc folder?
                      If these are not set correct it wil ignore the file. because it can't read it.

                      Verstuurd van mijn GT-I8190 met Tapatalk


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                        It was already with "read and Write" permissions..

                        it looks like the android is reading the usb multi touch ir panel as HID mouse.... how could I "say to Mr android" to read my touch screen for real instead?

                        As soon I setup the .idc file linked with the id 8883.0001, at the next reboot it even disapears the partial ability to get the "touch spot" during screen pressing.. (which it is without any movements)..


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                          it works with the "omegamoon" kernel 3.0.8 version,

                          on games it runs fast and perfect response, just added the idc with vendor and product founded in lsusb in terminal.

                          BUTTT in "home" screen, the whole system runs very slowlyyyy with the Finless 1.7 Kernel it was super fast and smooth,

                          any idea to integrate the omegamoon kernel touchscreen support to the Finless Kernel one?



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                            Acer T272HL

                            Ive been trying also to get the ACER T272HL Multitouch to work. I too have to use 5 fingers. If I touch with one finger from one hand and then 4 on the other, I can use the single finger to move around. This is a bit annoying so Id like to see if anyone else found a solution.



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                              HELP - IIYAMA T2250MTS with g box MX2

                              Dear All,

                              I'm new there... but trying to join the team putting together a 22 inch tablet at home.
                              I just received my g box Midnight MX2 with Android 4.2.2 on it.
                              I've plugged the T2250MTS, copied the file Vendor_0408_Product_3001.idc in /system/usr/idc and rebooted but nothing changed... the cursor is not moving at all
                              Is there anything special to do? Any way to debug the problem step by step?
                              lsusb give the proper 0408 : 3001 answer once the screen is plugged...

                              I'm stuck there!!!
                              Thanks for your help!


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                                A much bigger touch screen, let say 50"


                                As I was reading the comments I saw that you guys managed to connect touch capable displays with these your mini PCs.

                                I have a MK808b, and was thinking if it would possible to connect an elastic touch foil the same way as you did with the monitors. These can be ordered in any size and form, and can be installed on a plexy glass, than I would use a projector to rear project the screen on the plexy. This way I could make a touch wall in my living room.

                                touch foil:

                                Found some ready made mini pc for the use with touch foil:

                                Would it be possible?