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Alfawise h96 Pro+ or alternate recomendation

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  • Alfawise h96 Pro+ or alternate recomendation

    Hey Guys.

    Been looking at getting my first tv box, and have been looking around on gearbest, aliexpress and dhgate.

    I was thinking about purchasing the Alfawise h96 pro +
    Do you guys recommend this unit, or are there better units out there. Was looking at spending about $100 Aus.

    Also looking at getting an airmouse to use with it for easier navigation. can you guys recommend any that work well on the gearbest site?

    I have done some research on the alfawise brand units and have seen that I need to uninstall the malware before using it.
    DO they really het up that much that I should be worried about adding an extra fat to the bottom?
    Should I be worried about wifi reception on these units. As I wont be able to hard wire it.
    Any thing else I should consider or know about these units?

    The main use will be for streaming content from you tube, kodi and streaming websites.
    Maybe a few additional APK's

    What are your thoughts one the alfawise branded units?
    Why are there so many different type h96 pro +.... I have seen some labled 4k on the top with hidden USB ports, are they better then the alfawise?

    I would like to get a unit with 3GB ram and possible 32 GB storage with android 7.1

    OTA would be handy for easy updating,

    Can you guys make any recommendation on the best units I can get if there are better ones out there.

    A little confused with all the options.

    Thanks in advance.
    08-11-2017 17:00
    08-11-2017 23:59

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    Also What's the difference between these 2 models.
    Why is one cheaper?


    • trebor
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      One is 3/32 other is 3/64 is the big difference

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    Originally posted by Spastro View Post
    Also What's the difference between these 2 models.
    Why is one cheaper?
    OH ., Yeah ... Silly mistake!

    Have you used these units before ? Do you recommend them ?


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      Yes I have they are popular, on Freaktab as many other units you will find
      have alook in the Amlogic Section

      You will see lots of discussion and support

      There are many with similar spec, you need to get what is right/important for you..
      BlueTooth, AC Wifi Gig lan...etc

      Alfawise, Beelink, Mecool (no particular order) I think you will see are the most used/popular al have good custom rom support on FT
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        Thanks ! I think I will order 2 .
        Do you have any air mouse you can recommend?

        I would like one with voice and keyboard. but gearbest don't have any.

        Do any air mouse work with the alfawise? there are lots on alixpress but I don't know if they are compatible.


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          Air mouse not my Toy or choice..unless you mean wireless

          I use keyboard/touch pad combo
          My choice is Logitech K400 series often on special for under 20$,

          Have tested a few most about the same something with a dongle is always good
          They are all cheap those air mouse things so if you don't like it not a Huge loss.
          Sometimes you need to try a few to find the correct one that suites
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