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Large size 1080p videos file playback problem HELP.

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  • Large size 1080p videos file playback problem HELP.

    Hi, I have s912 box currently on Supceleron ROM the one for Alfawise works on it very well. My problem is large size video files say bigger than 3 GB stutter and hangs a lot and mainly in hardware acceleration mode I tried various video players default video player,kodi,vlc,and many others. software acceleration mode did play the same video well but in a heavy action sequence it skips frames. same files working fine on my mobile but my mobile have snapdragon 820.

    I thought it was stock firmware which is at fault as s912 is powerful enough so I tried superceleron's rom both normal and ATV version but hardware acceleration problem is same though in software mode it is much better than stock but still lags.

    what could be the reason? does anybody else have the same problem?
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