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    Suggest a box with Android TV

    Hello, I was searching alot, but I only found that there are only 2 officially supported by android tv boxes - xiaomi mi box and nvidia shield.

    1. shield is expensive
    2. xiaomi doesn't have ethernet connection, only wi-fi. I do know that I can use an usb-to-etherned adapter, but when paying 70$ I want to be able to connect to the net from the box

    If there are no native android tv boxes, can please someone suggest me a box with a 100% working custom android tv firmware?

    Why I need android tv and not stock android:

    1. I am using megogo(something like netflix but in russia, and they do not support remote in their android app but have an android tv app)
    2. I would like to use Live Channels for IPTV, because I like how it looks
    3. Many app developers develop versions of their apps for TV with remote and they work better with remote than stock ones

    just use one of the boxes that has a modded rom like the h96 pro+


      Hi artouiros, which app do use to view IPTV in Live Channels? For now I'm using Kodi and a linux server running Tvheadend.

      P.S. For the Android TV Box I suggest you to buy the Mecol M8S PRO L that is a powerful device with the Widewine L1 certification, mandatory for Netflix in HD and Youtube in 4K.

      And Magendanz is supporting it with his wonderful firmware (

      Take a look at the dedicated section: TV PLAYER SUPPORT -> AMLogic based TV Players -> S912 -> Mecool / Vontar / Yoka / Vorke -> Firmware - ROMs.