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    Android TV box

    I'm looking at a media player to replace a Sumvision Micro 4 (a video/music generic player, can playback upto 1080p, H264, DD/DTS etc)I have following requirements

    Optical or digital coaxial output as my AVR lacks HDMI audio
    Be stable system, nippy menus- not crash
    Load up KODI upon power up
    Be able to controlled from IR to switch on and power down - ideally with discrete IR codes.
    HDMI for video, currently have 1080p plasma
    Pass through DTS & Dolby digital untouched
    Pass formats that my AV processor does not support as PCM, or live encoding to DD/DTS (ie it does not support AAC)
    IR remote control, ideally with DVD/BD menu, play, pause, stop, ffd/rwd, audio, subs.
    To steam vides from multiple shared directories on NAS's, Windows computer etc.
    I have a universal remote control so if the remote doesn't have those features, discrete IR commands in hex format would be ideal as these can be imported into my remote software
    Auto switching 24/50/60 hz output
    Play music from a shared NAS directory, either through built in indexing/database, or through the NAS service DNLA service, squeecenter service.
    Be controlled from mobile phone for music playback, so TV does not need to be on to listen to music