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Best Android stick for Car PC build

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    Best Android stick for Car PC build

    Hi all,

    I'm building a car PC of sorts using an Android stick and a 6.5" resistive touchscreen. I was using an MK908ii running the standard ROM and although there was plenty of bloatware, it worked quite well. Unfortunately I've managed to brick it and it won't turn on or connect to my laptop. I originally was going to use a nexus 7 because of all the support but the tablet is too big to fit in the centre console of my Mini. The 6.5" touchscreen is a straight swap for the standard sat nav.

    Standard nav unit

    New touch screen replacement

    So I need a replacement. The MK908ii was the first stick I bought and originally I was just going to use it as a TV input so I thought I'd ask for recommendations from people who know better than I do.

    Basic needs:

    Android - mainly for the apps - using co-pilot for GPS, Google play for music, YouTube, and emulators for games

    Quick start up

    Fast loading in general

    Custom start up animation would be nice

    Ability to permanently mount USB inputs rather than reload on each startup (GPS dongle, USB storage etc)

    It uses a custom background with desktop Visualizer to open the apps and tasker controlled what apps were visible/openable depending on WiFi state. The system was controlled by touchscreen until I killed the stick yesterday

    Background when connected to WiFi

    Background when not connected to WiFi

    And a quick video when I was testing this indoors before the touchscreen adapter turned up

    Any help in regards to what stick to buy and what ROM to run would be much appreciated!


    Anyone? Would like to order a new stick asap!


      I think you should use an amlogic Stick like mk808b+.

      This Stick has enough power for your needs. You only need a USB Hub for it.
      Also a good Converter from 12V to 5V with 3A and a Circuit breaker.

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        If you havent bought one yet, I am eyeing up the mk903v or the RKM mk802 V5... they look like a good pair of devices at the moment.

        Ive just sent you a PM as I am using my mk908ii in the interim before i buy one of the above devices. As mentioned im struggling to get the touchscreen to work but we will see what i can do.


          I ended up buying a MK808b Plus which I then bricked within a day

          So I bought another 808b plus! I should have just bought the RKM V5 straight away! Apparently it boots up in under 20 seconds which would be perfect. The 808b plus still takes about 90 seconds

          To get the touchscreen to work I bought an adapter off a guy on German **** (link below). It works quite well but gets less accurate as you get nearer the top of the screen which is very annoying!


            Heres a really crappy quality video in portrait mode of the set up in action

            I'm still yet to get the GPS working either by USB or Bluetooth. I suspect the Copilot Bluetooth GPS unit I bought isn't working so I'm looking at getting a Nokia LD3w unit instead


              Looks good, Ive just plumbed for a RKM V5 from GearBest. Fingers crossed it will be better than the mk908ii. I used the microship AR1100 chip for the touchscreen control which works very well with my samsung galasy s4 (at least once the driver idc is put in the right folder). But the same driver doesnt seem to work for the mk908ii, Ill have to keep tinkering.

              I plan to use the GPS and hotspot from the redundant galaxy s4. Ideally i wanted to use the GS4 as the main unit but the video sync is a sync high whereas the video interface I'm using and the car screen seem to require a sync low (ive learnt a lot about RGB and VGA video signal technology and the massive lack of standards in the industry over the last 20-30 years) I have bought a sync inverter chip that i plan to use in a little circuit to see if i can convert the signal from the GS4... that way i simplify the whole system and use the excellent phone and all its internal systems (GPS, compass, accelerometers, etc) which will make the RKM redundant but im sure ill find a project or two for that in the future.

              Edit - By the way... i did see someone use a 20,000mAh battery in line with their android miniPC to keep it on all the time. You can size the batter according to how long your system will be off each time. If you use tasker or macrodroid to put it in a lower power state when off wifi persay, you might be able to get a few days out of a charged battery (the miniPC probably uses less than half an amp when in low power mode). Would need to ensure 2-3 amp charge power for the battery to ensure max charging when driving.