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Buying a TV player with openelec/kodi build and tvheadend

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  • Buying a TV player with openelec/kodi build and tvheadend

    Hi guys,

    atm I have a Tronsmart S89 device with an openelec build. Kodi is running well so far but live tv stutter a lot from external tvheadend server with dvbsky s960 device.
    I guess it's a problem of poor driver support of amlogic. So I plan to buy a new box where kodi and all of its functions incl. live tv should run smoothly without problems. Because there is actually a wide range of boxes available I hope someone of you could recommend a box.
    Price range should be around 100€. I don't need internal dvb device.

    If there is a box with a full Linux I would prefer this.
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    No one with a functional live tv kodi box???


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      After more research I bought an Intel NUC NUC5CPYH + 4GB Crucial 1600 MHz RAM + 64GB ADATA SSD for ~188€.
      I hope I will never have a problem again with kodi, video stuttering, live tv...

      I thought about buying a RK3288 device for having a full linux (like Ugoos UT3S) but that would have been in the same price range. And I guess the Intel NUC will be better supported (Hardware, not software).


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        If you want to low price and electricity you can buy amlogic s905 with on board avl tuner.
        Amlogic video picture quality mpeg2 very bad
        Intell nuc with onboard gpu intel iris 5100 for 4k.


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          Yes, I went for the Intel NUC with Celeron N3050 Dual Core. Power consumption is around 8-9W against my Amlogic S802 device with ~4W. I think I can live with that and so I have a lot more power.
          I'm wondering which emulators will work on this machine.

          I guess I will have more possibilities with that including better 4K support for the future.