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RKMC - Rockchip is preparing their own official app based on KODI?

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  • Originally posted by kodiboxjess View Post

    I try to install that and it goes through the whole process. At the end it just says, App Not Installed. I give up. Thank you though for the link. MUCH appreciated.
    If you have Kodi or another fork of it such as FTMC installed then you have to uninstall that first.

    The only one that can exist at the same time is SPMC.
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    • I'm using a very cheap android TV Box with RK3229, the factory image includes the Kodi app and it works very well, I believe is the same version from James Lin, I wonder when is RK official app be released.
      I cant do anything else on this cheap box, if I do then the video render performance degrades pretty bad. RK boxes need their own LibreElec version, and shouldn't bother creating the android app.


      • mo123
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        RK3328, RK3399 devices already support LibreElec.
        But I don't think there is work done for RK3229 at the moment as all the attention is on the newer devices.