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Library/data/settings.etc. migration from one box to another ??

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  • Library/data/settings.etc. migration from one box to another ??

    We are happy with our nice old box - but it IS old now & getting left behind, looks like.

    Posted here (after searching...) looking for ideas of how to upgrade it and have yet to get any replies to that query.

    An alternate plan for us may be to just watch our old DVDs for a month or so & scrape enough together for a newer box, so I ask:

    If we get a box with newer versions of Android & Kodi - what is the quickest/easiest way to get the library & add-ons we've chosen & saved over from the old box to the new ??
    (I did search here & in general but have found very little written specifically about migrating this stuff to a 2nd box...)

    There are ample videos about this though, such as:
    And so on...but I'm skeptical about getting info that way & know that the folks here are more skilled at this stuff.

    Thanks for any helpful replies !!