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Firmware(costum), update for the Himedia Q10 Quad core.

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    Firmware(costum), update for the Himedia Q10 Quad core.


    I hope this is the right forum to ask this question?

    My father has an Himedia Q10 Quadcore version, and is see now everywhere new firmware for the ''Pro'' version of this Android Box.
    But it seems that i already run into problems due to the android version 4.4.4, what is the last firmware update the box had.Its from 2015, no firmwares after that.

    I looked here and there but cant find any custom roms etc, what i can not really believe...I help many peeps with their boxes, but that box of my father always ran good..
    But really, maybe someone knows a rom, or must i already accept its dead..I really hope not, its still a very nice box what can run for years with an upgrade..

    Maybe someone knows a rom here, i can always ask, the Q10 pro has an forum here..Quad not..



    Hi Erik

    Is this of any use to you? 97&topic=494.0
    MXIII-G II, Chuwi Hibox, Nvidia Shield, NUC6CAYH


      Hello Bluesmanuk, yep i have this firmware running on it...Maybe i miss something in the whole story i quess..Good hardware, but nowhere roms for it..
      Thanks for your answer!