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Alfawise X5 Mini PC - Intel Atom X5-Z8350 2GB DDR3 + 32GB ROM Gig LAN Windows 10 Android 5.1

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    Originally posted by KY69 View Post
    Yes, my boxes boot directly into GRUB. I made a few changes in the boot section of the BIOS, which should not affect any OS as far as being able to boot or not, just the boot order and devices available for booting. I enabled Fast Boot, set USB Support to Full Initial, and set Boot option #1 to my Linux installation in the USB HDD.
    thx for the details, my box now does boot on my win usb install dongle directly, great !
    I can try to boot an efi windows from usb3 and see how stable/fast it is.

    I previously disabled the "switchnow" menu to get it to boot directly to the onboard win10 but i don't think it matters, i actually don't know what that switchnow.exe does, probably messes with the EFI config too..

    Don't bother with that usb3 thing, i used to have some troubles booting from usb3 ports on early usb3 pc motherboards and have no idea how those "new" low power systems actually support usb3, seems to be completely functional.

    - now, related to your problem the picture below shows the current (vanilla) EFI config of my device, ignore the first one which is my USB install dongle where i dropped the Shell.efi binary, notice the second "VenHw" Android-IA entry which is apparently bogus according to online comments.

    That second Android-IA efi entry is also displayed with EasyUEFI on windows and is labeled as "hidden", no idea where it comes from i would say it was there to begin with as i barely touched that box so far and realized i didn't boot android even once after booting it earlier today..

    The weird thing is that EasyUEFI does see the android EFI partition (second partition on the disk) but will not touch it so i can't make a backup of it with that tool..

    i could probably dd it from a linux live boot, i could dd all the android partitions for that matter, so you can overwrite yours, if you haven't touched your gpt table that is..
    let me know..


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      I am searching for an entire initial clone image of 32 GB ROM (Clonezilla or similar). Can someone share the image? Thanks.