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My Z83 modification

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  • My Z83 modification

    I want to show you how I reduced core tempereature to stable 34-40 degrees Celsius ...the unit operates long periods of time ... and works perfectly for now...
    Please post in this topic a pictures of yours modification and comments...Thanks...
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    Plus cooling, up + down. External wifi antena. .~45 Celsius.
    With youtube 4K ~55-62.
    With stress test Max 72 Celsius.


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      great ... quietly and efficiently gave me the task to improve my system...


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        Nice mods that look good too.
        MXIII-G II, Chuwi Hibox, Nvidia Shield, NUC6CAYH


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          Fan's are good, but a slab of alloy does the trick, well done.
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            Hi to all

            this is my Cooling Mod.



            Before 70C - 75C in use.
            Now 40C - 50C in use.

            Hope it helps,my Device is a UT3.

            nice Day



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              Hi Friends!!!
              Im Toperrix from Chile (Little country in South America).
              Very interesting contents and tips in this forum, thanks for all and sorry for my poooooor english.
              I have a Z-83, with the known overheating issues.
              I solve this problem very easily!!!

              I placed 4 adhesive silicone tips in the top of z83, for prevent scratching and better grip. I open the lower cover, i turn the z83 upside down.
              I did a little mod with a 12cm Low noise Thermaltake fan + old usb cable, functioning at 5v. Almost inaudible but efective in terms of air flow. Connected to lateral usb 2.0.
              Four more silicone tips on the fan. It Fits perfectly and without vibration or noise problems.
              The highest temperatura measured with stress in AIDA64 was 48 celsius degrees. Before the mod i had 73 celsius ore ven more.
              No drilling no talent fast and reliable solution.
              With a usb 3.0 seagate 1tb at the usb 3.0, the external HDD Works flawless!!!


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                  Nice Mod...that will work well,
                  Blue fan blades would have been good..
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                    Very Nice Ideas Indeed... I Recently Reinstalled the OS, but it seems that even with Beelink Drivers somethings are simply not OK. Does anyone of you have a System Image of the Device?


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                      Hi ,

                      for AZW it looks not nice , if you look his Post Icon , but i say

                      good Job , this will make your Box much better , it fits perfect .

                      greetings / gefattern