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Dual booting Android and Windows on Minix Z64W

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  • Dual booting Android and Windows on Minix Z64W

    Boots from USB ... no firmware flashing or BIOS modifications required. All you need to do is download the image from and uncompress it and then write it to a USB using either using 'Win32 Disk Imager' on Windows or using 'dd' on Linux ... see

    This is my 32-bit compilation of Intel's last Android on Intel Platforms source code explicitly defined for baytrail products (see However I've updated the system to include Google Play Store and added root.

    I've also made a video showing a summary of some key information and performance figures including the results from 'About Tablet', CPU-Z, AnTuTu and Octane ... see

    Note that the initial boot is quite slow. So slow that my video of it is probably the most boring one you could ever watch ... see

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    thanks for this. this is an answered prayer for z64w owner who don't want to give up windows for android. gotta try this out later.


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      Thank you for the information linuxium!

      I could boot into android, but there is a problem with the audio?
      I couldn't get any sound via HDMI cable on my TV. Using windows, everything is okay.(no sound problem)
      Maybe some audio drivers for 32 bit Android or for HDMI sound interface are missing?

      Did you check the sound?



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        Excellent stuff, I'd try it now if I wasn't so tired. Tremendous effort thanks for your time.


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          Great. I'm a newbie Z64A owner... Excuse me for my questions...
          How can I have dual boot with Windows and Android?
          And, another question... Do I need a cable USB keyboard installed at boot for selecting O.S. ?
          Thank you in advance


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            will wifi work?