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Z64A (4.4.4) What is the best to do with it?

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  • Z64A (4.4.4) What is the best to do with it?

    Convert to windows based?┬*
    Or we have a working 5.1.1?┬*

    Please do tell me... Thanks┬*

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    No one has this box?┬*


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      For Android:
      Just make a live boot usb stick.. ( like with Yumi or Rufus )
      with Android like : PhoenixOs x86 or Bliss x86 or Remixos x86
      Then see what runs best on your unit prior to install

      Libreelec and ubuntu can be installed on to a USB stick if you wish it
      ​​​​​​( howto is posted on freaktab\youtube : ubuntu usb / Windows install with drivers packed )

      Just go wild... and test them all!


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        Thank you for your answer!
        Since Remix os is discontinued from July, I'll try PhoenixOs


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          Libreelec erased all my partitions, This thread saved my ass...

          Thank you all for sharing your knowledge.

          I restored everything and I wish to continue to "bliss" or "Phoenix" which partitions do I need to delete and which not?
          Can you point me to the Phoenix / Ubuntu installation? no dual boot is needed. ( just simple 7.1 system for kodi and additional IPTV app )


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            Hmm.. You are using install function..
            You should probably use live boot test a operating system
            ( i use Yumi on a 128gb stick with many Linux/Android disto's most of them in ISO file's )

            To install libreelec you need a "libreelec install usb stick" then a second usb stick to install to

            ubuntu install: