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[X7s] There is a way to wipe Android partition and later recover it?

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  • [X7s] There is a way to wipe Android partition and later recover it?

    I'm planning to wipe the Android partition and stay only with Windows, but want to know if there's a way to delete all those partitions and later if I want, recover it?

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    Just create backup using True image or similar software and then you can recover any time.


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      Deleted android data , immediately stop add new files into your android phone. Because when you add some data/files ,the phone internal memory will be occupied. the more you write data . You will not be able to retrieve lost files from android phone .
      How to delete android apps
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        You can re-size and re-install using the following
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          Samsung Data Recovery is powerful recovery program that aims to recover deleted data from Android phone. You need to download and install it on your computer .Once connect your phone to the computer, you can optionally preview and recover deleted data .

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            Before you wipe Android partition, you can backup your Android phone with Android file manager tool. So after that, you can easily recover it.
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              You can use an android assistant tool to backup the data from your phone. After you wipe Android partition, you can recover them back.
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