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VOYO and Windows 10

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  • VOYO and Windows 10

    Bit of a fiddle today Installed Windows 10 on the VOYO

    Fairly standard procedure and easy to set up with lots of tutorials about if needed
    USB Key Drive, Rufus and an ISO image from MS and the VOYO Driver pack.
    Done in about 30 minutes.

    All working well no problems as yet more fiddling and Testing

    For what ever reason Sound and WIFI/BT driver did not take a bit of a search easy find from other threads.

    After a few hours of tinkering this Windows 10 is not to shabby at all.
    Streaming Netflix few movies etc easy as and customising Win10 finding all the weird ways it wants to do things not bad at all.

    No excess strain or pain noticed on the Voyo.

    I also came across a web Browser called Flash-peak Slimjet, based on chrome not as bloated and has some nifty features
    Runs much the same as Chrome only faster less memory usage a little more customisable maybe ideal for this type of Box.

    Also add Windows Safe Mode boot option might be handy with this new Win 10

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    Do you have any yellow mark sign in Device Manager?


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      I did, One was Sound the other was Wifi / BT driver, they did not take from the driver pack

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        i did the same as op but forgot the login password set on the tablet. Anyone how to fix this?
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          is it possible to install the x64 version of Windows 10? I don't care about having only 2GB of ram, I need access to x64 CPU instructions.


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            EGM92. It should be possible but first check if this device has 64 bit UEFI.
            Most tablets with Intel Atom Z3735F don't .
            RK3288 2GB/16GB OC 1.9GHz at 1.2V RAM 792MHz@1.2V Wasser's 3.0.11 firmware
            Out: monitor FullHD 16:9, 3.5" jack headphones; In: remote control, USB HUB: keyboard + mouse + pendrive
            bricked: VOYO V1 mini 8G/64GB Windows 10