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4gb/64gb VOYO Mini PC Windows 8.1 4K Media Player Intel Z3775 Quad Core

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    Originally posted by bluesmanuk View Post
    There are of course a few potential downsides to 4k.

    Available useful content being one of the prime ones, especially as there is still so much over the air TV being broadcast in 480p.

    Then there is the factor of whether you will actually see much, if any difference between 1090p and 4k for the size of TV and viewing distance you are at.

    All the devices do doone thing though and that is display a picture on the screen that 99% will be perfectly happy with on a daily basis.
    You forget why people buy these boxes is to get content on the internet (while not firing up a 150 watt PC) . Streaming media sites like youtube will be the primary sources for 4k video and ultra hd blu ray media rips will be the secondary sources... also up-sampled 1080p video. Hoping for a holiday sale price of about $160 on a decent 4gb 64gb+ mini pc.. prices have been $180+ for a while.


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      I am an idiot that bought this lol! Mostly because the z3775 has quick sync.

      Biggest problem though, It overheats and turns off. Anyone know if adding a small heat sink will work? i have drilled small holes in the top lid and that helped some.

      i now have installed windows 10 and followed instructions like in previous threads and i cant manage to get the HD graphics driver to install. shouldn't it be the same driver as the z3735 like in the previous model?

      Anyone have some advice for me?


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        Maybe missing some other driver or windows is just confused.

        Post #45 last to download should get you out of trouble, do the INF first the the driver update utility.

        Heat: Sit it on a laptop cooler,
        Adding heat sink on bottom cut whole so it will protrude a few mm, larger runner feet also.
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          After much testing by installing all drivers posted for the mini pc i almost gave up but ended up trying to install the Voyo A1 tablet drivers and it worked like a charm!

          I also found the reason why it was over heating. A guy at the assembly line must have put a layer of sticky ruber on both sides when it should only be on the top side so it covered the whole cpu cooling plate on the bottom so it worked as insulation. I cut away the rubber or whatever it is and it survived 1 hour of stress testing in prime 95 without problem.

          I now love this little device. With z3775's quick sync it streams games through steam with great performance and Kodi runs just as fluid as on my workstation