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Voyo (V1) VMac BIOS upgrade

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    I suppose that you bricked it by flashing the newest BIOS (2018-05-30)?
    Only possibility is to reprogram flash memory in external programmer. For some reason it isn't straightforward. You must not overwrite sector 0 and probably shift whole program data from bin file by 4 kiB (sector size in that flash memory). That is quite hard to do without sophisticate knowledge. I asked some professional in my neighborhood to do this and it took him about four weeks to figure it out .
    Note. Before flashing I did backup of original content of BIOS inside my VOYO V1 but for some strange reason it didn't contain first block of that memory (it was 4kiB shorter than it should be). Sector 0 contains identification data for every VOYO V1 and it is unique. Therefor it is protected.

    There are guys who recovered after VOYO V1 BIOS miss-flash themselves but I couldn't understand how exactly.
    Hi, I just bought one of these: http://www.gearbes
    RK3288 2GB/16GB OC 1.9GHz at 1.2V RAM 792MHz@1.2V Wasser's 3.0.11 firmware
    Out: monitor FullHD 16:9, 3.5" jack headphones; In: remote control, USB HUB: keyboard + mouse + pendrive
    bricked: VOYO V1 mini 8G/64GB Windows 10