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Rikomagic MK22 Plus issue update firmware with USB burning tool

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    bluesmanuk , come to think of it. these 3 players (one my friend bought ) I got them in June and was able to update all 3 from the factory firmware to the latest at that time. this i used the Usb burning tool method (as at that time I didn't have issues with the USB tool ).

    Anyhow I was able to tell my the Amlogic burning tool software in the windows 10 pc that they upgraded successfully, however I don't recall for any of the 3 seeing any output on the TV sceeen such as upgrading or an android symbol. so maybe that's normal for Rikomagic not to see anything on the screen also makes me think if i update my friends i may try the USB method again so I can see the progress on the windows pc with the amlogic usb tool. Although seems many have promlems with the USB burning tool method?


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      Well whatever you try at least you have a method that is tried and tested.
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        Ok so guess it's not to say the usb or Sd method one is berry maybe just whatever works if i use the usb i think i'll reinstall the software first. anyhow ill meet that road if he wants an update and i'll test the update out. also i emailed
        Rikomagic asking if nothing on the screen during the update is normal and will mention method works.
        thanks so much for the assist !


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          spell check changed part of my last post. will ask Rikomagic if nothing on the sceeen during the update is normal and let them know microSD method wirks


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            Hi traitt ,

            nice you got it , further good luck