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Need Firmware/Help for WonderMedia "NewTVpad3 / iPlayer i3-i5-i8-i9" box

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  • Need Firmware/Help for WonderMedia "NewTVpad3 / iPlayer i3-i5-i8-i9" box

    So I'm really hoping someone is familiar with this box and can help me out. I had one that was in need of a simple factory-reset, but it wouldn't boot up long enough to reset through the menu (SystemUI force-close crap), attempting to get the thing recognized by my PC to try ADB got me absolutely nowhere, and months of searching for a way to boot into recovery led to nothing. Finally I found what I thought was some suitable firmware (official stock WonderMedia 4.2.1 for "all" WM 8850-based devices, including several TV boxes), it seemed to flash correctly ...aaaand now I have a non-booting brick that doesn't seem to produce a HDMI signal that my TV knows what to do with. Great.

    Anyway, now I'm not even sure if this thing is a 8850 at all... In fact, information on WonderMedia seems hard to come by in general, except for the lower-end WM86xx models. The heatsink is attached to the CPU by the world's strongest adhesive, so I can't pry it off to verify what it is. I think I got confused or read some bunk information, because now I'm seeing where the 8850 is a single-core system and I do know that this thing I have is a dual-core. WM's wiki page, which I've somehow never stumbled across until now despite spending hours looking up WM info, makes me think it has to be an 8880 or 8980-based system. I don't *think* I'm hard-bricked - the machine still seems to attempt to boot anyway... - but I don't know anything about WM units or where to go from here (obviously). Hell, are the WM8880 and WM8980 the only two dual-core A9 possibilities that exist or is Wiki's list missing some? I kept finding references to a WM8900, for instance, but...maybe not?

    So can anyone help an idiot with this one? Thanks in advance.