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wlan1 (external wifi usb dongle) as wlan0

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  • wlan1 (external wifi usb dongle) as wlan0

    ciao, first of all I am not a great android/linux expert. I have an old mtk3066 stick with this rom

    internal wifi is scandalous so bought a 8192cu usb wifi dongle (with other old rom a nice guy here made for me a 8712u.ko module, but isn't compatible with this rom), here I have found a working 8192cu.ko. so as usual from terminal insmod 8192cu.ko, wpa_supplicant etc. etc. In this way I have a working wlan1 and I can use browsers but other aps (like play store) require to activate wlan0... I tried "fake wifi" exposed module but still a lot of problem... if I mount 8192cu as wlan0 (disabling internal wifi) when I active again internal wifi from android settings (like in old rom) android stick reboots (I do in time to see that the mac is always of the internal wifi :-( ). no success even renaming 8192cu.ko in rkwifi.ko, even deleting whole "modules" directory android stick always uses internal wlan0!, is integrated in the kernel??? help! thank you and sorry for my poor english
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