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NEW - Minix X5 - Finless 1.3 custom ROM

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  • Originally posted by davidw View Post
    Hello Bob and thanks, as always, for this fine ROM. I have been using it for some time now and have only just become interesting in using the Miracast feature mentioned by Minix here. They say it is on 4.2 and your ROM implements 4.2.2. But I cannot seem to find anything on this in your ROM. Is it not there or am I just an idiot not looking in the right place? Any help is appreciated. Thanks

    PS - In reading more about Miracast, I see that it is wifi-oriented. I have turned wifi off on my Neo in favor of ethernet. So maybe this is why I am not seeing anything?
    Answer my own question department: use the WifiDisplay app that is included in the app drawer. Sorry for the bother...


    • I have a Minix Neo X5 running Finless 1.3 that has been giving me troubles with crashes and hangs for some time. I have spent that time trying to characterize the problem and it has recently become clear to me that at least many of the crashes occur as soon as I turn on the HDTV (an older Vizio) to which the Neo is connected. Even if the Neo is just sitting there doing basically nothing and the TV's input source is not set to HDMI input, within a few minutes of turning on the TV, the Neo will crash/hang (will not respond to pings or anything else). Not really knowing much about the HDMI protocols, I am guessing that there is some communication between the Neo and the TV and that the processing of this is somehow responsible for crashing the Neo when the TV is turned on.

      From a posting at <> on the subject of HDMI on RK devices. it seems like I might want to turn off autoconfig. However, on my Neo, I do not see the autoconfig file under /sys/devices/virtual/display/display0.HDMI/ - I only see the following:

      3dmode connect mode name property subsystem uevent audioinfo enable modes power scale type

      I have also grep'ed through a number of init related files looking for information on hdmi but have not seen anything. So I am wondering if Finless 1.3 doesn't support switching autoconfig off/on. If so, I wonder if there is some other way I can control this (via system properties, etc). Have you any idea how I might be able change this around in an effort to try and see if I can halt these crashes when the TV is turned on?

      Any other ideas/suggestions are welcome. Thanks.


      • Procedure to Go Back to 1.2b?

        I have been fighting with 1.3 for some time now on my Neo X5. I keep having crashes/hangs. It often will do this within 5 minutes of turning on the TV to which it is attached. But not always. Anyhow, I am wondering if 1.2b will be more stable - as some have said. I have tried to install a CWM .zip version of 1.2b over my 1.3 install and once I reboot, all I get is the boot animation. Nothing beyond that. I have tried clearing the cache in recovery first and then installing the .zip. Same results. Is there some known good procedure for going back? Thanks


        • Hi Bob,
          This rom can be used for wifi chip AP6181 or AP6210 ?


          • Any rom with rk3066 and ap6181 combo working?
            Thanks in advance.


            • Originally posted by Finless View Post
              Hey all! LONG TIME no see.

              I am on a mission to update and help people with older devices. It's not all about quad core but time to refresh the FreakTab customer base too!

              So with that said, here is a new ROM for you X5 owners.
              I hope you like it!


              PAY ATTENTION PLEASE! You have some choices to make!

              1) Airpin. I am not a Airpin/Airplay person but it is in this ROM.
              Props to Minix for adding it for those that want it. However for those that do not, sorry... PAIN and performance hit!
              If your NOT into Airplay, etc then removing this does help performance based on WHAT YOU NEED your X5 to do.
              HOWEVER, I give you the option to not have it pre-installed or running as a service.
              NOTE: I have NOT pulled out the APK or changed how Minix implemented the pre-install!!!!!
              Thus I am not changing any copyright agreement or distribution change. It works the same!
              BUT to use my ON/OFF capability you must follow the instructions when flashing the ROM!
              I have given you several boot.img files to choose from. What you choose will decide if Airpin gets installed or not!
              See below under flashing instructions!

              2) How about a TRUE 1080 kernel? Well I give you that now too!
              YES it is the EXACT SAME kernel as provided with this minix release and all I have done is patched it to 1080 resolution!
              NOTHING ELSE... It's just a 1080 enabled kernel.

              3) I also supply a set of OC kernels that can be made. It's a limited set but works none the less.
              See instructions below for flashing those.

              Features in my 1.3 ROM:

              1) Gameloft fix. This fixes Gameloft games from crashing to the desktop.
              Many of them do not run and crash to the desktop. This is due to a license check based on the device.
              Special thanks to Christian Troy for inventing this fix. I modded it for this ROM.

              2) Build.prop edit to open up the Google Play store to APPs that normally say "not compatible".
              I am spoofing a Samsung device that will show almost any APP as compatible.
              Your device will show up in google play as NOT a Minix device! Understand this please.
              I also left the original buiild.prop in the ROM called build.orig.
              If you want to go back, just use ES or a root file explorer and rename build.prop to build.old
              Then rename build.orig to build.prop.
              Go into settings, apps, all and go into the Google Play app. Clear the cache and data.
              Reboot! You should be back to showing up as a Minis Nexo X5.

              4) Libmedia has been added for passthrough.

              5) Full init.d support! If you do not know what that is... ignore it. For geeks that want to use it. It is there!

              6) I debloated the ROM for CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN.
              This includes removing some of the live wallpapers, china apps, etc.

              7) Two boot.img and kernel.img setups. One set to support 720P boot and another for 1080P boot.
              See instructions below under flashing to use them. This flash kit is setup by default to use 720P WITH NO Airpin installed!
              If you want 1080P or 1080 with Airpin again see the instructions below.
              NOTE: The boot animation on 1080P kernel will not be full screen. This is normal!
              I don't want to make 2 large system.img files to support both resolutions.

              9) All APPs in /system have been updated including Play Store and Framework.
              So on first boot and login to Google Play, Nothing should need to be updated.

              10) I added a reboot APP that will allow optional reboot options like reboot to bootloader (flash mode), CWM, etc.

              11) Of course this is fully rooted and Superuser. I also updated Busybox to a version I prefer.
              This is to support init.d You can however update busybox to the latest and greatest from Google Play if you wish.

              12) A set of OC kernels. read the README in the OC_kernels folder!

              13) Xbox controllers! Look guys I do not have one of these.
              I also could not find a xpad.ko that works with this kernel.
              To me it appears it is already there in the kernel. But if you find it is not and have a xpad.ko that works,
              Let me know and I will update the ROM.


              Hey.... I don't want to beg but if you like that I work on older devices, I really could use some donations.
              So you know I use my donations to buy other FreakTab developers hardware or for me to use on hardware to build things for you all. So please, support Freaktab if you can!
              I have spent over $300 in 2013 of my own money supporting this site and other developers here, so helping me is helping you!
              Thank you!


              OK thanks for your donation... Here is my latest X5 ROM.

              ROM -> Minix Neo X5 Finless 1.3 ROM including OC and 1080 kernels (335 megs)

              Again folks... Enjoy my "refresh" of your product!

              When I try your instructions for entering Flash Mode, It never works. I have the drivers installed and the system will make the BONG noise if I hold the reset button and insert the power connector, but NEVER with the Power Button. I can see the unit in the RK Flash tool, but not in yours. I know this is an old device, but I'd love to get this ROM on it.