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Need to Flash a Minix Neo X5 mini 8Gb

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  • Need to Flash a Minix Neo X5 mini 8Gb

    Hi folks i need help in Flashing a Minix Neo X5 mini 8Gb its stuck on the MINIX Logo ,

    i tried to reset it no good,

    Im a complete novice with this so any help for a baby would be grateful thanks ?

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    Anybody ?


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      ok thANKS anyway


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        As stated, I have zero experience on the box and SoC. If the device is bricked, MASKROM might be an option, but I don't know what pins need shorting to enter MASKROM on this device.

        Have you searched Minix's forum for a solution?

        Hope you get it, but may be time for something newer, $35 goes a long way these days.

        Good luck.

        EDIT: faolteam Have you looked here? Read it carefully and observe all cautions.
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