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MK808B (RK903) KitKat 4.4.2 ROM

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    Originally posted by miguelcmran View Post
    In Probox2 (clone of UHost2 and Mk808b) i install the firmware correctly but on boot up appear two penguins. I don't know if it is a problem with recovery, kernel or the RK30xxLoader that comes in the image, but I have not managed to have Kitkat in my Probox2 even though I have tried all the images in the forum.

    I managed to boot the image avoiding the two penguins by changing loader_2.15.img by loader_2.13.img and recovery.img by another image based kitkat that was compatible with my Probox2. The issue is that now when going to Wifi does not let me enable it. I have tried flashing all Kernel based RK903 that I have seen in the forum and I have not been able to enable Wifi. My Android Stick is an OEM of the Smallart UHost 2, and looking at the table in this link "" my Android Stick has the Wifi and Bluetooth chip Rockchip RK903 (BCM40183 - Broadcom 4330 Based Chipset). I would be very grateful if anyone knows that Kernel contains the driver for this chip to run the Wifi in Kitkat.


      Originally posted by BalintBanyasz View Post
      Try Dumonde's KitKat for MK808 (RK901).
      This is in my opinion the best firmware for the rk901.
      Finally I found something newer (Kitkat) which can use f.e. Netflix app.
      Working really great, smoothly etc.
      I've been using it on my two MK808 devices and both works great.
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        A bit late to the party, but I just dug out old MK808B I had and found this 4.4.2 ROM. I flashed it successfully, everything works, but issue I have is with storage memory. After it booted and preinstalled applications updated it ended up with around 500 MB free for app installation and 5.4 GB second partition which acts as SD card. Back in the day this was normal, apps could be moved to SD card, but none of these apps has this option (or maybe because they're preinstalled versions, although after they're updated they're using normal space). Is there a way, or better said ROM version that's differently partitioned so there's more space for app instalation? With current partitioning it's barely usable.