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  • Hi d33, I am new to rom flashing and would like to fix the frame skipping on my Azurell TV stick. I believe it has RK3188-T with RTL8723BS so I have downloaded your RTL8723BS^ img
    I have backed up my rom and it has a kernel file that is larger than the downloaded file. Can I just substitute with your file or do I need to update parameter.txt with the offset for a sucessfull install.

    P.S. my stick also runs hot so I am not looking for a overclocked cpu/ram.

    Thanks in anticipation Mike


    • when I flashed D33 kernel for RTL8723BS it loops at the boot screen.
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      • Originally posted by d33 View Post

        I've checked the RK wifi patch site and there are only two patches released for BT 4.0; one for MT6620 and the other for RTL8723BS. Both are patches for Android OS and not kernel.

        There is an APxxxx fix for BT PCM - I can try to apply but the text is chinese and so I'd be guessing

        Hi, can you point my please to the patch site. I have a CX-919II with RK3188 and RTL8723BS. Everything works fine, except the bluetooth does not see Bluetooth Low Energy beacons. I'm looking for a driver patch update. I have root.



        • Originally posted by shadow32 View Post
          when I flashed D33 kernel for RTL8723BS it loops at the boot screen.
          this one worked for me. thanks to "Ddizer"

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          • Hi there
            I have the same problem that you. 8723bs ...
            I've tried all the rooms that I found here and in other forums. only one works but without wife :S
            How do you do to change only the kernel? wich tool do you use?

            I try with RKAndroidTool.exe to change the kernel but never work

            and this to change "all" RKBatchTool.exe the rom, is ok?

            is there any tutorial ?š



            • Use andriod rk tool 2.3 and Google use it will show you how to split and re flash roms.
              Many devices now mk902ii/Shield/Mk68 /Ugoos/neox5/minix5 (yes they still work lol) mk80 no it doesnt work lol.


              • fyi


                maybe not useful but good to know


                • Dear Darell!

                  First of all, thank you for your very good, and hard work. I have very unlikely RK3188-T soc stick, IPPLI Mars i2c , it has camera and microfone. I tryed many roms and kernels for working good enough with this stick, and for the nowadays i found two firmwares :

                  Respect to the autors!

                  Both are very excellent for me, especially with your kernels (the only kernels all over the net that i found that support overclock to 1.6Ghz on my stick ) these are nearly perfect except one thing, my stick has ES8328 sound chip if i can, and you kernels doesn't provide drivers for it. I have found kernel from Finless Bob , the only one that support this Es8328 chip even it cannot overclock with this firmware above.

                  Sorry for a little longer introduction, my question is, Could You compile a kernel for my stick from including ES8328 support?
                  I woul be very happy and I'll make any donations too.

                  Thank You very much!


                  • can anyone edit or recompile this kitkat kernel for 4.2.2 jelly bean, please?


                    • Originally posted by shadow32 View Post
                      can anyone edit or recompile this kitkat kernel for 4.2.2 jelly bean, please?
                      Not possible unless the kernel source code for Jellybean is available.


                      • Hi!

                        I posted specially for Darell, but i think he is too ocuppied, so i ask for someone else, if can help to post #1928


                        • hello i have cxy809III tv stick with RTL8723BS Wifi chip.
                          I flesh moby 30 different rom and only one work, but i don,t have sound on my old plasma tv .

                          When i flesh kernel RTL8723BS - stick don't turn on.

                          On other tv sound work ok! (with oryginal kernel)

                          I think in this original kernel dont have old audio codec
                          Can anyone make for me kernel with this audio fix?

                          original kernel on my google drive

                          thank you in advance


                          • anybody help?


                            • Hi, I have tried the MT5931 kernel in my MK809III but wifi does not work... any suggestion?