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[ROM Download] Official Android 4.4 KitKat Firmware For RK3188T TV BOX and TV Sticks

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  • Originally posted by tkruijer View Post
    Are there roms available for all android tv Boxes with a RK3188, or are all the roms actually more device specific?
    Yes, there are thousands of variants, clones of clones etc. So some cases ROM may work or may not. Worst case, device is bricked, and you might have to unbrick it by shorting some pins of the NAND.
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    • Thanks for the rom, seems stable on my unit.

      can someone help me out, i was able to get everything working except for the buttons on the remote, they dont match what i am pressing on a few buttons, is there a keymap i can copy over or dl something that would work. here is the pic of the unit and the remote.
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      • Dear all, I'm not sure if this is the right place, I apologize for mistake..
        I've recently bought one CX919 Stick with the scope to use the FinLess 2.0 Firmware (i've other device with 1.6B and works great!).
        Before to upgrade the firmware I've verified that the stick were working correctly (Smart-TV Google Tv.... all OK).
        The problem was after the flash, unfortunately the HDMI after the flash was not working anymore.
        Afer one night spent with Cx919 flash and firmware and one Back-UP recovery found in the Web, I opened the devices and I've found that the item I've bought (Cx919) in reality is RK3188T device with Chip8723b as Wifi/BT and in the Green Board there is printed MK809III.
        So big confusion... I start to find out firmware for MK809III with the specific support of (8723chipset). Unfortunately after night spend awake.... nothing.
        The best firmware I found during the boot-up shown 4 pingun and after restart....

        There is a way to get result ? Anyone has found the same problem ?

        Thanks for Whom will help me and help my sleep ;-)
        Last edited by orianadado; 05-04-2015, 05:21. Reason: Little Details on Eletctronic Boards : The printed name is CYX_809 III 5_2 20141105


        • Hi,can someone tell me if i can intall it on my device?
          i want to upgrade to 4.4 androind with 1080hd.
          thanks for the help


          • X5 Vision Tablet firmware Hello, I need.
            Rockchip RK3188 processor-T (RK618).
            Reference plate: V8_RK618_MV2.0_20130808


            • hi
              please i'mlooking for image Android MX jelly bean . thank you


              • Hello,

                Sorry, but we can´t help you with this Information.
                What Device is it and what CPU?