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UPDATE - T-R42 - wasser firmware - Kikat Android 4.4.2

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  • For those who complain about Youtube problems, it is not because of the Rom, but the app itseft. I've tried some versions of Youtube. The current Google Play version (11. 13.xx) is buggy. You can google to install older Youtube versions. Even newer versions like 11.15.xx or 11.16.xx works great. In my case I have latest version 11.16 (240 dpi) downloaded from running flawlessly.


    • Wasser You are Da Man!! I've tried dozens and dozens of different roms and none of them worked with lan or wifi, some almost killed the box. But yours works like a darn, I will put my apps on it now and test her some more. I have a few of these boxes that crashed with rk3188 and 3188-T rtl8723BS 2G-8G they now show only 6.21G but I"ll live with it

      Thank you so much Mon Ami!!


      • wasser I need your support:

        I have here a icade core (Arcade Game Controller)

        As I understand the bluetooth stack changed from BlueZ to Bluedroid in Android 4.2 an break special HID Bluethooth Accessories that use L2CAP.

        In our rom I found some hints to bluez. and also some files referencing to L2CAP. But I don´t understand what and why.

        Is your rom using BlueZ or Bluedroid? I need L2CAP support.



        • Version 1.0.4 I am very impressed. Thank you very much my genius. But a very important problem is the lack of a wifi displayer application for sharing the mobile screen on the TV through cs918. As well as the DLNA feature, please take care of the subject. Or, where possible, to lift the application