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Lenovo G66 TV Box - RK3288 / Android 5.1.1 / 2/16GB ROM / 2.4G + 5.8G Wi-Fi / 100Mbps / BT4.1

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  • Lenovo G66 TV Box - RK3288 / Android 5.1.1 / 2/16GB ROM / 2.4G + 5.8G Wi-Fi / 100Mbps / BT4.1

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    Lenovo G66 is a high-performance TV box, which runs on steady Android 5.1.1 system. Large 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM capacity ensures more smooth and flexible operation. You can enjoy high-definition image at home. And it is reliable and safe to use in your home.

    Main Features
    ● 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM, large capacity allows you to enjoy more pleasure
    ● RK3288 processor ensures more smooth and flexible operation
    ● 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz Wi-Fi, dual-band Wi-Fi brings you high-speed wireless transfer experience
    ● Supports many different video, audio, and photo formats

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    Today we can have look see at the
    Lenovo G66 TV Box - RK3288 / Android 5.1.1 / 2/16GB ROM / 2.4G + 5.8G Wi-Fi / 100Mbps / BT4.1

    We can step back in time to when the 3288 was King (maybe)

    This Unit does have a History
    It going to be a Games only type of unit google is you friend on this
    Guess it did not make it
    Now here it is Android 5.1, a good speck extremely well built groovy look and hardly any ports sad really.

    So lets have a look.

    The Box, Huge and well packed

    What's in the box

    Ports and that's it

    Lets Pull it to Bits


    Seriously now, Pop the Cover, Power Touch Off/On switch, top PCB part of Blue LED show and Only Blue so far

    Look around: Side, excellent thermal design

    Other Side, all that alloy

    Top Side Led stuff and some Venting or a Fan evan

    Bottom Side, and Heat sink 1

    Removed and not much to see Underside

    Topside even less to show all covers soldered on

    More destruction, WiFi Antenna and one on the other side

    Heat Sink 2 the wrap around

    All back together and working

    Here you can see the Base plate with Vents, the top has a grill I gather its for venting and all that Alloy Excellent Thermal design.

    As seen well Built, not just a PCB slapped into a Clam shell
    As mentioned great Build pity it did not make it...
    Tests Later

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      Continuing on with a look at UI system etc

      Running Android 5.1 and being a RK3288 it does ok I am finding
      Google and startup/setup and installing apps all Good

      One USB port well out with a Mini USB hub for keyboard and Included Remote with Dongle

      Remotes works excellent, No 100% Keyboard friendly easy fit later

      No SD card slot
      One USB Port

      No Root access or Task Bars

      WiFi Excellent, Ethernet as expected I found.
      BT Deaf as a post at present not sure why,
      Onto the the Look around.

      UI Installed Apps


      System information


      Ram and Storage Truth


      Geekbench CPU.

      More Info >

      Geekbench Computer

      Kodi 17.6 Installed, no app would read temps.

      Plus you can see in Apps all the others installed

      A1 SD Bench

      Found a QR code on the Box, thought it might to lead to something interesting.
      Called Mini Station APK, maybe full of games and stuff there own little Spot..
      Nope an APP in Chinese, I believe for paring phone and sharing from what I could gather

      A quick look may have a use.
      A Well made good looking Unit for sure, may get lucky with a custom Rom or some other joy, ok as it is Social games, Web interactions etc.

      Netflix had a Sync problem drop to 24hz fixed that one and Just BT at present may Antenna to plugged on 100% after the show and tell.

      You could leave on the Mantelpiece or coffee table plugged in when guest arrive..has a interesting look.

      Did discover when there is no Network Connection/Internet the Led displays On bar flashed RED

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        Wow, $70 USD, Thanks, but no thanks.
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          A nice bit of coffee table furniture.....I know has no clock....
          I did get BT to connect to the Phone but no other device seen..Must be some special BT..

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            Yes the price looks a little bit high, but the hardware is very well selected. This RK3288 will never run hot, because they have built a remarkable cooler pipe system.

            I see just two weak points, only one usb port and the standard 5.11 ROM, nothing special inside and some useless apps.

            The gaming system part is only in the Chinese Version, but of course in Chinese language.